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Sunday Funday!

Just a quick note to say that as we’re now getting MEGA busy (summer is coming!) we will be opening our Shop in West Runton on SUNDAYS as well as every other day of the week!


New Summer Opening Hours:

9.30am – 5pm Monday to Saturday

10am – 4pm on Sunday


We will also have our NEW shop extension completed soon (hopefully by April) so there will be even more to see!


Don’t forget you can place orders over the phone for collection in store or Worldwide delivery! Simply call our Warehouse on 01263 837482. We are open 9.30am – 5pm Monday to Friday. Calls made on weekends will be answered in the shop IF we are not too busy with shop customers. We have an answer phone though, so leave us a message and we’ll get back to you!


Happy Caravanning!!

What’s your favourite?

We here at Caravan Accessory Shop just LOVE to hear about people using the products they’ve purchased from us.

We adore it when we get an email saying that something was “just right” or a “perfect fit” or that we were “very helpful” *blush*.

We’d love to hear about your favourite product of all time. Something that was your “perfect fit” and what you did with it, whether you fixed something, built something, added something, replaced something, took something somewhere, used something somewhere for some purpose and so on. We want to know.

Help us to help our future customers by reviewing the products we sell. On every item on our website there’s the option (below the picture, in the tabs section to the left) to write a review about that specific product.

Once you’re submitted your review we can check them (in case of spam) and will then publish them for everyone who is interested in that product to see. Let them know why you love it!

For Example. Someone must have something good to say about our Best Selling Water Heater! The Morco D61E.

We let you know our favourite products on our Meet The Staff page, so now it’s your turn.


If there’s anything you particularly want to let us know about, praise or criticism, that please email us at


Happy Caravanning!



Boiler Comparison

Need a boiler for your Static Caravan? Not sure which one to choose? Hopefully this will help explain the differences for you.

If you’re still stuck, you can call us on 01263 837482, Monday-Friday 9.30-5, to speak to one of our staff members who should be able to assist you in making your choices.

Note: My reference to “Boiler” in these cases means a Water Heater, which primarily heats water for hot taps for washing hands, bodies and plates. All these heaters heat water on demand as they pass through, no holding tanks, so they can supply continuous hot water until the gas runs out!

The Combi Boiler referenced near the end of the article also heats water for central heating/radiators.

Standard Static Caravan

The Standard Static Caravan boiler needs to provide hot water to a shower and two sinks. Our #1 standard heater is the

Morco D61E – £214.99

The very latest 6 litre water heater from Morco

Heats 6 litres of water a minute (meaning plenty for your shower, though temperature may be affected if someone turns another tap on)

Fully Electronic Ignition (takes two batteries to power the ‘spark’ which ignites the boiler, no need for mains electricity)

Very easy to get parts (see our Morco D61 Spares pages)

Can be fitted by most Gas Safe Engineers

Replaces the now discontinued Morco D51 water heaters

If purchasing new, you will need:

A D61E Water Heater

A Fittings Kit (all the nuts, bolts, washers and pipe joinings)

A Flue Kit (You must use the approved flue, it must be vertical and 90mm in diameter)

If your Water Heater is fitted by a Gas Safe Engineer it comes with a 1 year Warranty from Morco.

If you are replacing an existing D51 or D61 Water Heater you will need to check:

– The existing Flue is 90mm diameter and in good condition (some older D51s had an 86mm flue)

– The fittings are in good condition (it may still be worth ordering a replacement Fittings Kit, as washers and bolts can wear out over time)

And the heater should still be installed by a Gas Safe Engineer.


Morco D61B – £209.99

As above, except the slightly older version of the ‘E’. The only real difference being that the ignition is a Piezo ignition (push button) instead of a switch.

Some people prefer to buy the E as it’s the very latest, but you can use the B or the E for exactly the same job. They both have the same Fittings Kit and the same 90mm Flue Kit.


Bosch W1359 – £214.95

Heats 5 litres of water per minute

Fully automatic ignition – battery powered and self ignites when the tap is turned on, no pilot light.

Comes complete with pipe fittings (no extra fittings needed)

Requires a 90mm Flue Kit, just the same as the Morco. It also must be this specific, vertical flue.

Can be fitted by most Gas Safe Engineers

The only differences between the Morco D61s and this heater are:

– The Bosch heats 5 litres per minute as opposed to 6, in practical use this is virtually unnoticeable. The Bosch is still perfectly up to the job of heating water for a standard static set up.

– The Morco heaters are switched on and then run a very low pilot light continuously, the Bosch does not run a pilot light at all as it self ignites when needed.


Static Caravans with Higher Useage Requirements


If your Static Caravan has more than the standard “1 shower/2 sinks” hot water fittings, or if you’re replacing one of these heaters – Morco G101, Morco G111, Bosch W11, Morco G11 or any 11 litre LPG water heater – you will be in the market for an 11 litre water heater, like the following:


Morco G11E – £330

This is the latest version of the G111 and G101. It’s exactly like the Morco D61 except for:

– More Power! Heats 11 litres of water per minute, ideal for high demand needs.

– Bigger Flue – this heater needs a 110mm vertical flue

You will also need a G11 Fittings Kit if you are installing a new heater, and you may want to get one if replacing an older heater in case some parts have worn out.

If your Water Heater is fitted by a Gas Safe Engineer it comes with a 1 year Warranty from Morco.


Bosch W11 – £249.99

The 11 litre version of the W1359 described above.

Heats 11 litres of water per minute.

Requires a 110mm vertical flue. (The same flue as the G11)

Comes complete with all fittings, so no extras needed.

Should be fitted by a Gas Safe Engineer.

Fully automatic ignition – battery powered and self ignites when the tap is turned on, no pilot light.


Non Standard Buildings


Morco F11-EL – £399

This is where things start to get a little more complicated.

Now, this is an 11 litre water heater very much like the G11E. So why the price hike?

If you’re fitting an 11 litre heater to a Static Caravan, you will most likely be perfectly fine with a Morco G11E or a Bosch W11.

BUT if you want to fit to one of the following:

– Straw Bale House

– Barn

– Actual House

– Garage

– Boat

– Catering Wagon

– Shed

– Touring Caravan

– Anything where you need a horizontal flue

– Any Static Caravan where the water heater is not going to go in it’s own, dedicated, cupboard space.

You will need an F11-EL.

Why? Because it’s Room Sealed.

Standard boilers, as above, produce fumes which go straight upwards, through their vertical flue. They have regulations about where they can and cannot be put, there is a minimum space around them, minimum amount of vents and minimum and maximum flue lengths. This is for your safety.

A Room Sealed Heater like the F11-EL is, as the name suggests, sealed so that the fumes can only go through the flue, and they are propelled in the right direction by the addition of fans. This means that you can have a Vertical Flue or a Horizontal Flue with this heater and it is the only type considered safe for any of the above, non standard static (with own boiler cupboard), uses.

You will also need a Fitting Kit with this heater.

If you think you may be able to use a non-sealed water heater for one of the above uses, we strongly recommend you seek the advice of a Gas Safe Engineer. There are ways to do it, provided the regulations are followed properly. We don’t fit these water heaters, so we can’t advise any further than this.

The F11-EL is a state of the art modern appliance. Room sealed for total safety, it can be fitted in virtually any location, including bath and shower rooms.

It has full electronic ignition (without a pilot light) and can operate on extremely low water pressure and flow rates. It does need power, but maximum power consumption is a mere 35 watts, so this appliance could be used on a 12v system with a small inverter in installations such as narrowboats, horseboxes and large motorhomes etc. (A word of warning, although it can be fitted into shower rooms it is not small, so please check you have space before ordering. Dimensions are: Width: 330mm x Depth: 230mm x Height: 595mm.)

The F11-EL model now features an LCD display that shows the temperature of the water being produced and any fault codes.


Central Heating


Morco GB24 – £799

The final heater I’m going to talk about is the Morco GB24.

It is an LPG combination boiler, meaning you will need it if you have water based central heating (radiators) in your Static Caravan.

Rated SEDBUK band C, therefore this combi boiler is suitable for non-domestic static caravan/holiday home use but is NOT suitable for residential or park home use.

It supersedes the Morco FEB-24ED, FEB-20E and Morco FEB-24EUK lpg combi boilers. (This boiler differs from the FEB-24E in that it has a digital display for operating status and fault diagnosis).

These may show as Out of Stock on our website as we do not hold them in stock due to low demand, however we can get them in to order within a couple of days. Please phone us if you would like to order one.


I hope that’s helped you out a bit if you were unsure of your water heater requirements!


Please give us a call on 01263 837482 if you need any more help or advice.


Happy Caravanning!






All Leveled Out

OPINION: The wind down legs in the corners of your caravan are there to level it.


The corner steadies are so called because they steady the corner. They are attached to the floor, not the axle, and as such are unsuitable for raising and lowering the caravan when sited.

Your corner steadies should be left until the caravan is satisfactorily leveled before being wound down firmly onto a solid surface, such as concrete, or if pitching on gravel or grass consider some corner steady pads, like these by Milenco. Or these by Kampa. Or these extra large ones by Kampa, ideal for extra squishy ground.

The corner steady pads can be used with stacking blocks to raise them if the angle is too extreme for the leg to reach the ground fully unwound, these by Kampa match up nicely with the extra large pads. If you have the Milenco pads, these lock onto the bottom for extra security.


Of course, you should only unwind your corner steady legs once your caravan is level, so how do you do that?


There are very few campsites with perfectly smooth and level pitches, but a staying in a caravan on the wonk can be quite unpleasant. Doors swing open (or shut) and the slightly inebriated feeling of walking up and down hills from the fridge to the sofa can be rather off putting. You’re not on a boat, so it shouldn’t feel like it.

The easiest way to level your caravan is with a good old fashioned Spirit Level  (or a fancy one which you can attach to your hitch) and a pair of Leveling Blocks.

These Fiamma Level ups are a ramp style, they’re suitable for caravans of up to 8 tonnes (wowzer) and you use them by reversing onto them or pushing or pulling your caravan up them and using Wheel Chocks to secure in place once it’s level.

These Stepped Level Ups reduce the risk of slippage and offer greater stability while levelling and parking. They also reduce the need for Chocks. We also have extra wide and tall ones by Milenco which feature a solid base, so they don’t sink and are ideal for unstable ground, and they are extremely grippy and secure. You can mount two back to back for twin axle caravans by attaching them together with the Mounting Plate. Then, if you’re a really adventurous camper, Milenco make the tallest available Level Ups, for really rough terrain. These can also be attached together.


I hope that’s helped with some leveling queries you may have had. Please check out the full Siting and Leveling selection on our website!


Happy Caravanning!

How To Clean a Caravan (a FENWICKS guide)

Gone are the days of a bucket and sponge and some washing up liquid! For optimum caravan cleanliness and high level maintenance you need to take this job very seriously indeed.

If you are baffled about where to begin, start here and we will help you on your way to having the shiniest caravan on the site…


Step 1

Find your caravan. Is it in the garage? Is it under a cover somewhere on your property? Or perhaps a storage site – in which case you’ll need to get yourself over there (once you’ve printed this post to take with you) or bring your caravan home. Is it just sitting uncovered, your expensive pride and joy, gradually going green and slimy? If so, you really had better get yourself a Caravan Cover so that all your hard cleaning work doesn’t go to waste between now and your first trip out.

Once you’ve found your caravan it’s a good idea to give it a thorough once-over. Brush off any leaves or debris with a dry, soft brush, check the roof and seams for cracks or holes, check the windows and door seals for cracking or perishing, check the vents and wheel arches, and check the condition of the tyres, wheels and hitch.

Find the keys to your security devices (what do you mean, you don’t have any?!) and remove them, checking they all work smoothly and correctly.

You may also wish to apply oil to the moving parts of the hitch, wheels and axle, as required.


Step 2


It seems obvious, but this is a really excellent product.

Fenwicks is a superior caravan cleaner which is safe and economical to use. It’s highly concentrated – a one litre bottle will clean up to 40 caravans (if you are feeling energetic!). Simply put 2 capfuls into a bucket of water and apply with a sponge or brush. Just soak the caravan all over with it and allow it to soak in to loosen up the dirt, then scrub all over with your brush or sponge. Rinse away both cleaner and dirt with a hosepipe or flow through brush.

On extra stubborn areas use a less diluted solution or even apply neat with a cloth. It’s safe to use on acrylic windows, aluminium, rubber, decals, mastics, sealants etc.


Step 3


Now for the fiddly extras that make all the difference. Windowize is for use on acrylic and plastic windows, and when applied by hand it will remove scuff marks caused by trees as well as scratches caused by dirt and grit. Make those windows sparkle!


Step 4


A unique finishing product, Bobby Dazzler provides a protective coating and enhances shine. Simply add to a bucket of clean water and rinse all over your freshly cleaned caravan to protect against road traffic film, salt spray, acid rain, rust and airborne pollutants. It also contains an algae and mould inhibitor to slow their return and keep your caravan sparkling for longer.


Step 5

Admire your work! You’re all done and your caravan looks lovely. Congratulations.


Now follow these two top tips to keep it that way…

In between washes you can remove black streaks and stains with FENWICKS BLACK STREAK REMOVER. It is no secret that this is actually a 10 to 1 solution of their highly concentrated Caravan Cleaner. It comes in a handy trigger spray for spot treating small areas.

Make it easier next spring with FENWICKS OVERWINTERING. This provides a protective coating for your caravan or motorhome during the winter months. The unique properties actively repel water, dirt, algae growth and black streaks.

A Caravan Cover will help enormously, keeping your caravan protected from both algae and UV rays.

When storing your caravan for long periods of time, Wheel Savers are a good investment to keep your tyres from developing flat spots.


Check out our FULL RANGE of Exterior Cleaning Products!

We have other brands as well as Fenwicks, but this post was inspired the rediscovery of a picture sent in by a customer. He loves his Fenwicks Caravan Cleaner!











Happy Caravan Cleaning!

Shop Renovations

It’s been a busy winter here at Caravan Accessory Shop and we’re trying to cram lots of things in before the summer rush!

Our new project is Renovating The Shop Floor at our Shop in West Runton, Norfolk.

As we moved our office and online packaging area to our new Warehouse last year, the space left in the back room of the shop was getting cluttered with boxes and coffee mugs – something had to be done!

So we’re clearing and decluttering, it feels like spring cleaning (despite the frost outside)!

Shortly, a stud wall is going to be removed and then, as if by magic, we will have a whole new section of shop floor available for NEW Products and displays of large or bulky items.

Our shop has expanded gradually since we moved in in December 2009 and this expansion will make it the biggest it probably ever can be. But never say never!

There’s very good news for our regulars – Caravan Accessory Shop will be opening normal hours all throughout the work.

We’re hoping that everything will be finished, neatly set up and gleaming ready for Easter. So if you’re planning to visit the North Norfolk Coast for your holidays this year, pop in and see the changes!

Happy Caravanning


Great Yarmouth Caravans

If you’re thinking of heading off to Great Yarmouth Caravans to visit the Accessory Shop, we regret to inform you that their shop has now closed.

(However their New and Used Caravan business is still going strong – see their website for some great quality Static Caravans here!)

But don’t fear! We at the Caravan Accessory Shop (West Runton, near Cromer, Norfolk) have purchased their leftover stock, topping up some of our stock levels and giving us a few new products for our shelves as well.

So if there’s anything you were after, give us a call on 01263 837482 and we will try and help you out. You can purchase items in our Shop (directions here) or online on our Website for postage all over the UK and most countries Worldwide.

Happy Caravanning!

Aquaroll are the best you can get…

F L Hitchman is a small company which is based in the UK. They make some of our best selling products – including the Aqua Roll and the Waste Master.

They have just announced that they are now offering a


on the moulded plastic bodies of these products!

Not only is this far more than any of their competition offer, they are the only company to offer these products in

100% food grade virgin materials.

So for the best products and the best peace of mind… Choose Aquaroll



and Wastemaster


Christmas Posting

Don’t forget the last posting day for Royal Mail 1st Class is Monday 21st December (next Monday!) BUT please remember this is NOT a guaranteed ‘by Christmas’ service!

Order in stock items over the weekend for despatch on Monday. We will do our best to despatch as much as we can but can’t guarantee posting/delivery by Christmas.

Don’t forget we also have a Courier option which you can select at checkout on our website. This is for a next day (from despatch, not ordering), tracked service but is also not guaranteed. Monday 21st December is also their last date for normal service (should be with you Tuesday if despatched Monday).

Please order before Monday for best chances of despatch on Monday! This is a very busy time for all of us here, Royal Mail and our Couriers.

Thank you for all your orders and Merry Christmas to all of you!


Light Up Your Life



Today is our occasional Shop Assistant Ed’s Birthday!

Despite being a questionable employee (he seems to only work one day a year and sometimes sells things which we don’t even stock… to everyone’s confusion) everyone at Caravan Accessory Shop is rather fond of him.

So in his honour I present… A Light Special.

Anyone who knows Ed will know why it’s a Light Special, but in case you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting him yet, here’s his bio from our “Meet The Staff” page…



Ed – Relief Shop Assistant

Ed joined the team in 2011. He is great to have around the place and comes back to work at the Caravan Accessory Shop at least one day a year!

Favourite Product: “I love LED lights so I have LED awning lights (with add-on pack), a Lumi LED Rechargeable light, several LED hook lights and LED tent pegs that I take camping with me. You can see my tent from space!”



I expect you understand now. Lights, especially LED, light up his life.

This blog post could actually be used as his Birthday wish list.


So in no particular order – some of our favourite lights!


16 LED Lantern



Chinese LED Lantern



Firefly LED Capsule Lantern







Camping Table Lamp





Light Bulb Tent Light



Cigar Socket Rechargeable Torch



Stellar LED Head Torch




Party Glow Stick



Disco Mini LED Lamp



Apollo 2 Light Port – Rechargeable LED Lantern





Happy Birthday Ed!