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Top Tips for Caravan Winter Storage

Thursday, September 27th, 2012

1. Covers: To protect your investment against the elements, UV, dust and bird lime use a caravan cover. We offer three types: traditional full size caravan covers, lightweight caravan covers and also covers for just the top of the caravan.

2. Vent Covers: if storing your caravan in exposed area it is a good idea to cover your vents with winter covers – otherwise leave open to allow for air circulation.

3. Leisure Battery: disconnect your leisure battery during the winter months and keep it topped up with a trickle charger or smart charger.

4. Caravan Wheels: ideally caravans should be jacked up and supported on axle stands during the winter months or, even better, use our winter wheels for high-security storage. Our wheel savers will prevent flat spots on your tyres. If leaving your wheels on during the winter, caravan wheel covers are available.

5. Moisture Absorbers: position a moisture absorber in the centre of your caravan, or ideally one in each room, to
protect against condensation, damp and mildew during the winter months. The large damp buster is ideal for the main room and can be left for months before it needs emptying. Mini moisture traps are ideal for the bathroom or wardrobes.

6. Security: a good security set is essential when storing your caravan for the winter. We sell a range of insurance approved wheel clamps and hitch locks – we have some great deals available if you buy a set.

Which gas regulator do I need for my gas cylinder?

Friday, June 22nd, 2012

Most gas cylinders require a different regulator. The subject can be quite a minefield with so many diffenent sizes and makes of gas bottle available. Here is a quick guide to help ensure you order the correct gas regulator for your bbq:

Is my Thetford toilet a right hand or a left hand?

Friday, June 22nd, 2012

Hi all,

Another question we commonly get asked when ordering spare Thetford toilet parts for our customers is: “Is my toilet right hand or left hand?!”.

When sat on the toilet, if the waste tank is emptied on your left hand side then it is a left hand toilet, otherwise it is a right hand toilet – that’s all you need to know!

Which type of gas cannister/cartridge do I require?

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

At Caravan Accessory Shop, we have a comprehensive range of gas cannisters and cartridges for camping use.

The type of gas cartridge you need is often determined by the appliance you are using with it. Here is our quick guide:

  • For our portable gas cookers – and any other similar stove – you will require a 227g resealable butane gas cannister. There are a huge amount of different brands available on the market. We sell Kampa’s – great value at £5.99 for a pack of 4 – but there are also SunnGas, Gelert, Highlander and Campingaz CP250 to name just a few. All work in the same way. Our portable gas heaters also use the same cartridge.
  • Our small Campingaz appliances require a Campingaz cartridge which have a unique Easy Clic Plus connection. They are very quick and simple to fit and provide a secure connection each time.We stock CV 300 and CV 470 cartridges. The CV 270 has been discontinued.
  • Our larger Campingaz appliances – e.g the Party Grill or the Parabolic Heater – require a Campingaz refillable cylinder. At Caravan Accessory Shop we stock the R901, R904 and R907. If you do not already own a cylinder, we can sell you a complete one. Once you own a cylinder you then just pay for the refills each time it runs out.
  • Our gas lanterns require a universal resealable gas cartridge. These have an EN417 screw thread, unlike the Campingaz ones. We stock Cadac and SunnGas gas cannisters in 220g and 500g sizes. There are 100’s of other brands on the market, all work in the same way.
  • For our larger range of camping equipment – e.g our range of double gas burners – you will require a larger refillable gas cylinder. Providing you purchase the correct regulator and gas hose you can use any size gas bottle. Most popular for camping use – due to the size – are the Calor Gas Butane 4.5kg bottles or the Campingaz 907. At Caravan Accessory Shop, we always have a full gas cage if you are need of a refill. If you do not have a cylinder already you can take out a Calor Gas rental agreement at our shop (please note: these are now subject to 20% vat).

Please note: we can not send gas cannisters in the post, therefore come and collect them from our caravan and camping shop in West Runton – just 2 miles from Cromer and Sheringham, 7 miles from North Walsham and around 20 miles from Norwich.

Which Morco Water Heater Do I Require?

Friday, May 25th, 2012

Our most common customer query is, “Which water heater do I require?” or “What is the difference between a Morco D61E and a Morco D61B?”. Therefore we have decided to make a comparison chart which will help enusre you choose the correct water heater. As always, unless you are replacing a similar water heater, you should consult a Gas Safe engineer as to the suitability of a particular heater before ordering. All gas appliances must be installed by a Gas Safe engineer.

Feature D61E D61B G11E F11E FEB24
Open Flued Y Y Y N N
Room Sealed N N N Y Y
Requires 220-240V Electricity N N N Y Y
Pilot Light Y Y Y N
Instantaneous Hot Water Y Y Y Y Y
LPG (propane or butane) Y Y Y Y Y
Horizontal Flue Option N N N Y Y
Vertical Flue Option Y Y Y Y Y
Central Heating Boiler N N N N Y
Max Output 6 l/min 6 l/min 11 l/min 11 l/min 11 l/min

Why Your Caravan Deserves a Platinum Leisure Battery

Saturday, May 19th, 2012

Platinum leisure batteries are specifically designed for the caravanning market.

Whether you own a small caravan or a mobile home, a Platinum leisure battery is what your vehicle deserves!

The unique thick-grid technology increases eletcrical capacity, improving deep cycle capability whilst the glass fibre seperators provide greater resistance to vibration. Both factors improve the service life of the battery.

A state-of charge indicator allows you to easily check the battery ‘s charge and acid levels.

In our shop at West Runton (North Norfolk) we stock 75 amp batteries, 110 amp batteries and also 110 amp low-profile batteries (which enable a 110 amp battery to fit in to a smaller space).

All batteries include a 2 year warranty and we can also recycle your old battery for you.

Hose Pipe Ban? No Problem!

Thursday, April 19th, 2012

Despite the recent hose ban in many parts of the country (including here in North Norfolk), you can still treat your car, caravan or motorhome to a good wash by using OneDryWash.

The unique, eco friendly way to drywash and polish your vehicle – without the need for water!

OneDryWash kits and refills are available in store and online at Caravan Accessory Shop.

GOK caravan regulators

Friday, April 13th, 2012

Looking for a GOK caravan gas regulator? We have replacements! Be sure to order the correct size though. There are 8mm or 10mm versions. The key measurement is the outlet pipe size and an “8” or “10” can usually be found printed on the connection nut.