Monthly Archives: April 2009

End of an era as our eBay shop closes!

We have today closed our eBay shop in order to focus all our attentions on our own website.

Our mail order business started many years ago on eBay. For those familiar with eBay you will remember that most people used to bid on items rather than using the newer ‘Buy It Now’ buttons. All our auctions would finish on a Sunday night. We would then spend several hours on Monday packaging parcels on the kitchen table before traipsing off to the local post office with bags of parcels, ready to hold the queue up!

The business has come on a long way since then. Over the past year especially, the growth of the website has far exceeded our expectations. We now feel the time is right to concentrate on one web shop, in order to offer the best range, value and service to our customers.

In the coming weeks we will be moving to larger premises. We will also be investing heavily in more stock to ensure we always have the items you need in stock, as well as many more items to choose from!