Monthly Archives: November 2012

Top 10 Caravan Gadgets 2012 – number 10 to 6

2012 saw plenty of new innovative products in the caravan market. Here we run through some of our favourites:

10. Aquaroll Water Level Gauge

Takes the guessing out of: “How much water is left in our Aquaroll?”. ONly downside is that the Aquaroll does need to be used in conjunction with a stand.

9. Moisture Munchers

A clever dehumidifier which you simply recharge in the microwave. Can then be used again and again. Available in two sizes.

8. Travel High Chair

Incredibly well-designed, this travel high chair is great for camping and caravanning as well as over night stays with the grandparents and meals out at restaurants.

7. Reich Double Jockey Wheel

Turn your single wheel jockey wheel in to a double (or even triple) jockey wheel with this retro-fit kit. Once fitted, your caravan or trailer can easily be manoeuvred on any surface.

6. Truma Gas Filter

Truma gas regulators have long been susceptible to becoming blocked up with residue from lpg bottles. The Truma Gas Filter, introduced to the market this year, aims to eliminate this problem. However, the cost (£69.99 for the unit with replacement filters at £24.99) has meant most of our customers prefer to just change their Truma regulator as and when they need to.