Camper Conversion – Insulation.

Which insulation???!!!

You never really think too much about something as simple as insulation but when it comes to converting your van it’s so important to get it right. I’ve read and watched so many utube clips where the owner didn’t get it right or they cut corners which results in damp and wet getting in and potentially ruining the interior.

We decided to go with the Celotec insulation which is the most expensive option but seemed like the best option (for us). These come in solid sheets which can be simply cut to size. Any voids were filled with  wool insulation. At this stage it was a bit of a juggle because at the same time as insulating you also need to be thinking about your first fix of electrics and getting all of the wires in place.


There was a number of options that we looked at for securing the insulation to the van such as spray glue but we decided to go with self-adhesive aluminium insulation hangers (stick pins). It seemed to be a quick and simple solution. A word of advice at this stage – take care to cut your insulation to the shape of the moldings in the van; if there is any part of the board overlapping a ‘lip’ it will eventually fall off. Yes it will secure in place with the pins for a short while but it will eventually work its way loose and fall off. We ( ahem, the husband) spent quite some time re-shaping some of my boards and re-pinning them to the van!

Once the boards were in place (with the electrics first fix) we filled all of the voids with wool insulation until finally it was time to wrap the whole van with a double sided aluminium  foil insulation. This was secured in place using foil sticky tape.  So the idea is that every metal surface in the van is completely covered allowing no possibility of damp, moisture or cold air to get to the inside of the van.


I firmly believe that although it might not be the most exciting part of a van conversion, it is certainly one of the most important!