Camper Conversion – Electrickery

I have to admit that this was the stage of the conversion that I was least looking forward to. I think you’re either the sort of person who understands electrical wizardry, or your’re not. What I found when doing my research, was that a lot of people would say ‘I have no knowledge or experience of electrics etc. etc.’ and then go on to build some super dooper electrical set-up, using parts that I’d never heard of, let alone knew what to do with them. For this reason, I knew that what I wanted, was some sort of ‘all in one’, plug and play system that was as easy and straight forward as possible to fit, otherwise, I was going to have to go down the expensive route of visiting an auto-electrician.

As with all things, no matter how much research you do, you will no doubt find exactly what you’re looking for, after you’ve bought the item that you intend to use. I went with the first ‘plug and play’ set up that I found, basically because it offered everything that I was looking for. Having done some more research afterwards, it seems that there are more modern, efficient options available, but again, what we’ve fitted is tried and tested, it was straight forward, even for me, to fit, and it works. The option that we went for was the Sargent EC155 power management system.

As mentioned previously, I have no knowledge of electrickery at all, and even getting this kit out of the box filled me with doubt. However, after studying the instructions and getting my brain in the right frame of mind, I found that as long as I concentrated, I could make sense of what was what and how to connect it. In fact, the sense of achievement when getting the first light to work, was fantastic and probably more satisfying than any other part of the build. Once again, planning is key, making sure you get the wiring runs in the best places and planning access to them for any future issues etc.

Interestingly, because of my doubts about my abilities where this is concerned, whenever we’ve had an electrical issue, I’ve assumed that it’s because of something that I’ve done, whereas in one case, it was because the electrical supply at the site had failed and in another case, it was because the dodgy continental hook-up lead that we had borrowed, was faulty. This, of course I discovered after lifting the flooring to check my connections….lesson learnt!

Anyway, I’m not going to go into detail about the electrical set-up, as there are hundreds of resources out there, far better at explaining 12 volt electrickery than I possibly could. Suffice to say, that whatever your ability, if you want to do it yourself, there will be a way and don’t be put off by people who claim they know nothing, then go on to build the Starship Enterprise from some old bits of circuit board, a battery and a pump….