Top Tips for Caravan Winter Storage

1. Covers: To protect your investment against the elements, UV, dust and bird lime use a caravan cover. We offer three types: traditional full size caravan covers, lightweight caravan covers and also covers for just the top of the caravan.

2. Vent Covers: if storing your caravan in exposed area it is a good idea to cover your vents with winter covers – otherwise leave open to allow for air circulation.

3. Leisure Battery: disconnect your leisure battery during the winter months and keep it topped up with a trickle charger or smart charger.

4. Caravan Wheels: ideally caravans should be jacked up and supported on axle stands during the winter months or, even better, use our winter wheels for high-security storage. Our wheel savers will prevent flat spots on your tyres. If leaving your wheels on during the winter, caravan wheel covers are available.

5. Moisture Absorbers: position a moisture absorber in the centre of your caravan, or ideally one in each room, to
protect against condensation, damp and mildew during the winter months. The large damp buster is ideal for the main room and can be left for months before it needs emptying. Mini moisture traps are ideal for the bathroom or wardrobes.

6. Security: a good security set is essential when storing your caravan for the winter. We sell a range of insurance approved wheel clamps and hitch locks – we have some great deals available if you buy a set.