The Great Outdoors!

With winter nearly upon us some may think it’s a time to baton down the hatches and stay indoors, however with the right clothing and equipment, this time of year can be a a wonderful time to get out and explore.

We have come up with 5 of the top products to help you on your way to a warm and dry winter outdoors!

5.Gris Sport Boots
Walking boots from GriSport are quality Italian made outdoor footwear that are waterproof and breathable. Designed to provide ultra comfort during walks.

4.Drysack Daysack
The drysack is the perfect solution to keeping your rucksack and its contents thoroughly dry in wet conditions.

3. Folding Stool
Perfect for taking a breather during your long winter walk!

2. Highlander Compact Stove
The compact stove is extremely lightweight and portable and means you never have to be without a hot drink or food.

1.Stick table
A simple table that sticks easily into the ground and keeps things in place with its non slip mat.

So there you have it…….we have given you 5 more reasons why getting out and about this winter can be so much fun with the right gear.

Oh and remember the clocks change this weekend…..It’s Winter!!!!