Is your ‘Gas’ half empty or half full?

We talk about the ‘glass’ being half full, but in the camping and caravanning world we’re more concerned when our ‘Gas’ bottle is only half full!

Its over the coming weeks and months that many of us will be dusting off the camping gear in anticipation for the coming season. I know I for one have no recollection of how much gas is still in the bottle. We can all lift the bottle and give it a shake but does this give us any real indication?

So whats the solution?

There are a number of products on the market now from the very basic gas Level indicator which magnetically attaches to your gas bottle, to the Truma Gas Level Checker which sends an ultrasonic signal through the bottle to detect a more accurate level of the gas.

So, lets say goodbye to the lifting and shaking of bottles; the worry of ruining that much anticipated meal and raise your ‘glass’ to the Gas Level Checker