The clocks have changed & winters on its way…….

The clocks have changed, the campsites are closing and the dark nights are well and truly upon us! It can only mean one thing……….we have come to the end of yet another busy summer season at the Caravan Accessory shop.

The term Winterisation refers to the process of preparing something for an upcoming winter; so it’s over these next few weeks that we will be offering some useful advice on how to protect your Caravan and Motor home throughout the winter months.

From Caravan Covers to Moisture absorbers, Waterpoofing for caravans to waterproof clothes we have it covered!

Talking about having it covered brings us nicely into our first topic……

We stock a wide range of caravan covers from the traditional style Kampa Prestige which comes with a 2 year warranty to the Wilderness Trail Ultimate cover offering a 5 year warranty. The question we get asked most is ‘How to measure?’ and ‘Where does the opening sit?’

So here’s how to………..Simply measure your caravan body, measuring parallel to the ground, from the back to the front including the gas locker but not including the A-frame.

Our Caravan covers are universal and therefore allow a difference of a few feet with each size so all you need to do is choose the one that your measurement fits into.
The covers zip up from the 2 front corners allowing easy access at all times.

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