Top 5 Winter Tips – Caravanning in the Cold

So if you’re NOT packing up for the winter this post is for you.

Perhaps if you’re somewhere warm then you’ll get by as usual, I promise we are all very envious back here in chilly Britain!

If you think you’re tough enough for UK Caravanning in the Winter, these tips should help you avoid frostbite.


Tip One – Eliminate Damp

This is so important when it’s cold and you’re in the caravan. Damp can cause mould, rotting and is also pretty smelly. When you’re staying in a damp caravan you are breathing in mould spores which can really aggravate respiratory diseases like asthma. Also, damp air is cold air! Our Damp Buster will suck dampness from the air to keep things fresh and (slightly) warmer.


Tip Two – Don’t Freeze

Frozen water carriers are no fun. Our Insulated cover – which will fit the Aquaroll, Water Hog, Water Porter and Aquarius water carriers – will reduce the risk of your water freezing.


Tip Three – Snuggle Up

Keep cosy with our Carnelian Double Layer Sleeping Bag. With 500 g/m2 of filling these quality sleeping bags are extremely comfortable and warm. Each bag is a generous 94 cm wide and 200 cm long, and you can zip two together to make a double.


Tip Four – Warmth on Low Wattage

Our Low Wattage Fan Heater has a 1000w or 2000w settings and three fan settings. Ideal for a little extra warmth without overloading the electric.


Tip Five – Stay Upright

When out in the ice it’s easy to slip, but now it’s also easy to stay upright! Stretch these Snow Grip Soles over your shoes for instant grip. Available in Mens or Ladies/Youths sizes.


You can find all these products, plus many more, on our website at! We ship internationally and quickly!


Happy Winter Caravanning!