All Leveled Out

OPINION: The wind down legs in the corners of your caravan are there to level it.


The corner steadies are so called because they steady the corner. They are attached to the floor, not the axle, and as such are unsuitable for raising and lowering the caravan when sited.

Your corner steadies should be left until the caravan is satisfactorily leveled before being wound down firmly onto a solid surface, such as concrete, or if pitching on gravel or grass consider some corner steady pads, like these by Milenco. Or these by Kampa. Or these extra large ones by Kampa, ideal for extra squishy ground.

The corner steady pads can be used with stacking blocks to raise them if the angle is too extreme for the leg to reach the ground fully unwound, these by Kampa match up nicely with the extra large pads. If you have the Milenco pads, these lock onto the bottom for extra security.


Of course, you should only unwind your corner steady legs once your caravan is level, so how do you do that?


There are very few campsites with perfectly smooth and level pitches, but a staying in a caravan on the wonk can be quite unpleasant. Doors swing open (or shut) and the slightly inebriated feeling of walking up and down hills from the fridge to the sofa can be rather off putting. You’re not on a boat, so it shouldn’t feel like it.

The easiest way to level your caravan is with a good old fashioned Spirit Level  (or a fancy one which you can attach to your hitch) and a pair of Leveling Blocks.

These Fiamma Level ups are a ramp style, they’re suitable for caravans of up to 8 tonnes (wowzer) and you use them by reversing onto them or pushing or pulling your caravan up them and using Wheel Chocks to secure in place once it’s level.

These Stepped Level Ups reduce the risk of slippage and offer greater stability while levelling and parking. They also reduce the need for Chocks. We also have extra wide and tall ones by Milenco which feature a solid base, so they don’t sink and are ideal for unstable ground, and they are extremely grippy and secure. You can mount two back to back for twin axle caravans by attaching them together with the Mounting Plate. Then, if you’re a really adventurous camper, Milenco make the tallest available Level Ups, for really rough terrain. These can also be attached together.


I hope that’s helped with some leveling queries you may have had. Please check out the full Siting and Leveling selection on our website!


Happy Caravanning!