Q&A on Kampa Awnings

Q: Can I buy directly from Kampa?
A: No. Kampa has been supporting independent dealers since the company began in 2007. These include Caravan Accessory Shop!


Q: Where can I buy Kampa products?
A: Kampa products can be purchased through our extensive dealer network. If you would like to find your nearest retailer, please visit our store locator.


Q: Will this awning suit my caravan/motorhome?
A: None of our awnings are designed to fit a specific vehicle. As they are universal, it is up to you to figure out whether our awnings will be suitable as we do not have measurements of every vehicle unfortunately.

There are two measurements that you need to check to ensure that an awning fits. (This excludes Classic awnings)

Height – If you look in the awnings specifications you will find a measurement specifying what heights the awning is suitable for. This height does not correlate to the height of your vehicle but the height of attachment.

Example: A Kampa Rally caravan awning is suitable for use between the heights of 235 -250 cm. This measurement is the height to the awning rail in which the awning attaches to. If the height from the ground to your awning rail fits in between this range then the height of the awning is suitable for your caravan.

Width – Whether the awning is too long for your vehicle is not the only factor you should take into account. Although purely for aesthetic reasons, you should also be looking to make sure that the awning will not be half way across a window.

Example: The Kampa Rally caravan awning is available in four sizes, 200, 260, 330, 390. This number denotes the width of the awning and does not affect the height of the awning. Bill is after the largest Rally awning that can fit on his caravan but finds that the 390 unfortunately slightly covers a window on his caravan, however the 330 fits perfectly. Bill has the choice here of either taking the 390 and having it slightly cross the window, or going for the slightly smaller 330 and having it not cross the window.

If you are still unsure, please get in contact with your preferred Kampa retailer.



Q: Condensation
A: Condensation is caused by warm, moist air coming into contact with cold surfaces. Condensation can occur inside most awnings, which may sometimes be misinterpreted as the awning leaking.

There is always moisture in the air when you pitch a waterproof fabric above damp ground; however the situation is made worse by adding people who are breathing out warm water vapour. When the warm moist air inside comes into contact with the awning, which is cooled by the outside air, condensation forms.

During rain more condensation can form due to lower outside temperature and drops can form and run down seams or fall on internal poles, giving the appearance of a leak.

Main sources of condensation

  • Ground moisture rising inside your awning.
  • Your breath. When sleeping at night you will exhale approximately 1 litre of water. This water vapour is trapped within your caravan/motorhome; this will escape through opening widows, doors or vents into your awning.
  • Storing damp or wet clothes.
  • Cooking by gas for ½ hour can produce ½ litre of water.


Awning ventilation is more important than is generally realised – particularly in synthetic awnings. Under extreme conditions, condensation within the awning cannot be completely avoided. Condensation nearly always occurs on the roof poles and therefore it is often confused with leaks.

Leave the ventilation panels open as much as possible, especially when the awning is erected for some time as this will minimise condensation. Whenever possible it is recommended that the draught skirt is drawn aside slightly so that extra air circulation can take place. To prevent ground moisture rising inside the awning, a plastic underlay can be placed underneath, but this will cause the grass to die and may contravene some caravan sites rules.



Q: Spare parts
A: Spare parts are available through your supplying dealer. You may need to wait for these parts to arrive with the dealer as they may not have them in stock.

If you believe that the parts are covered under warranty then please check the warranty section of the FAQ.


Q: Warranty
A: All of our products come with a 12 month warranty from date of purchase unless specified otherwise. This does not affect your statutory rights.

All of our warranty procedures are followed out by the supplying dealer. There are certain exclusions.