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Truma Crystal Mk2 Water Filter Housings – BACK IN STOCK!

This year we have received more phone calls from customers enquiring about Carver Crystal Mk2 Filter Housings than any other subject. They were discontinued last year by the manufacturers, Truma, and since then caravanners have found it incredibly frustrating that parts have been unavailable.

Our large stock of filter housings had sold out by the end of January and since then we have been turning 100’s of customers away. Truma’s new filter system – the Ultraflow – has been available as a conversion kit but we have found that most people do not want to go to this amount of trouble.

Enter the new, re-manufactured Truma Crystal Filter Housing!  We have found an alternative supplier and have just received our first delivery today. They are supplied with a re-chargeable water filter and are a straight forward replacement.