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12V Appliances

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Illuminated Cigar Socket

Illuminated Cigar Socket [Product Id: 4885]

A universal 12v cigar or cigarette lighter socket from W4. This lighter socket and plug is illuminated and is easy to in… More info



Hair Dryer 12V

Hair Dryer 12V [Product Id: 3533]

This 12V Hair Dryer has a smart, compact design complete with folding handle - ideal for holidays. Fitted with 12v cigar… More info



12V Kettle

12V Kettle [Product Id: 1479]

Travel kettle, fitted with 12 volt cigar lighter plug. Boil water inside your vehicle using your cigarette lighter socke… More info



Maypole Deluxe 12V Compressor

Maypole Deluxe 12V Compressor [Product Id: 4956]

Inflating the tyres on your car, van, truck, motorbike or bicycle need not be a hassle or chore. This Maypole Deluxe 12V… More info



Reich Fridge Fan and Heater Sensor

Reich Fridge Fan and Heater Sensor [Product Id: 6127]



Toolzone 12V Air Compressor

Toolzone 12V Air Compressor [Product Id: 7253]



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