Gas Lights

Gas Lights
Our range of gas lanterns provide a bright source of light for camping. Operated from disposable gas canisters. We also stock spares including mantles and globes.

Gas Lights Products

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Gas Light Mantles (3)

Gas Light Mantles (3) [Product Id: 149]

3 quality international standard mantles. Universal, compatible with most cartridge type gas lanterns. More info



Globe for Gas Light (Smoked)

Globe for Gas Light (Smoked) [Product Id: 1941]

Smoked globe for gas camping lamp GAS012/GAS013 and field lamps GAS016/GAS017. Measures 80mm high by 80mm wide More info



SunnCamp Backpacking Lantern

SunnCamp Backpacking Lantern [Product Id: 2012]

High performance portable gas lantern Adjustable to 80W High quality Globe protection Chain Universal globe & mantle… More info



Campingaz Insta-Clip Gas Mantles (3)

Campingaz Insta-Clip Gas Mantles (3) [Product Id: 2821]

To fit Campingaz and Coleman lanterns. Pack of 3 mantles. More info



Campingaz Mantles Med (3)

Campingaz Mantles Med (3) [Product Id: 2025]



Campingaz Mantles Small (3)

Campingaz Mantles Small (3) [Product Id: 2126]



Campingaz Mantles Large (3)

Campingaz Mantles Large (3) [Product Id: 2186]



Coleman Northstar Propane Lantern

Coleman Northstar Propane Lantern [Product Id: 2820]



Campingaz Lumostar Plus Lantern

Campingaz Lumostar Plus Lantern [Product Id: 2839]



Campingaz Round Globe Medium

Campingaz Round Globe Medium [Product Id: 2840]



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