Insect Repellents

Insect Repellents
Bug zappers, citronella candles, insect killers and repellents from The Caravan Accessory Shop.

Insect Repellents Products

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The Executioner - Electronic Fly Zapping Racket

The Executioner - Electronic Fly Zapping Racket [Product Id: 335]

The Executioner is the electronic fly zapping racket that really works - it is designed by UK fly-zapping experts to kil… More info



Citronella Pillar Candle

Citronella Pillar Candle [Product Id: 9006]

Made with real citronella oil, this candle has a burn time of 38 hours and can be mounted on to any suitable sized candl… More info



Mosquito Coils (10)

Mosquito Coils (10) [Product Id: 600]

Pack of ten mosquito coils with two metal stands. Each coil will last up to 8 hours. More info



Citronella Tea Lights (18)

Citronella Tea Lights (18) [Product Id: 9007]

Pack of 18 citronella tea lights - made with real citronella oil. The natural aroma is perfect for summer evening BBQs a… More info



Fly Swatter (various colours)

Fly Swatter (various colours) [Product Id: 2069]



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