Door Retainers

Door Retainers
Door catches to fit virtually all static caravans. From the older horseshoe-type door retainers to the new flipper door retainers.

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Door Retainers Products

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Viva Door Retainer with Springs

Viva Door Retainer with Springs [Product Id: 984]

Older type caravan door retainer with springs. Comes complete with screws. As fitted to many Willerby, Atlas, BK and Cos… More info



Extended Viva Door Retainer

Extended Viva Door Retainer [Product Id: 983]

Static caravan door retainer. Standard size, fits new and old styles. As fitted to the majority of caravans in late 90s … More info



Nylon Horseshoe Door Retainer

Nylon Horseshoe Door Retainer [Product Id: 615]

Universal caravan door retainer. More info



Plastic Door Retainer

Plastic Door Retainer [Product Id: 654]

This plastic door retainer and clip from W4 has been designed to securely hold your caravan doors open. It prevents cara… More info



Flipper Door Retainer

Flipper Door Retainer [Product Id: 354]

Latch-style caravan door retainer as fitted to many modern static caravans - for example Atlas caravans from 2004. Suppl… More info



Willerby Door Retainer New Type

Willerby Door Retainer New Type [Product Id: 1092]



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