Protect your caravan over the winter with Fenwick's Overwintering, dehumidifiers and moisture crystals.

Winterisation Products

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Floe 868 Induratec 230V

Floe 868 Induratec 230V [Product Id: 9304]

Floe 868 Induratec 230V | Water Drain-Down System Designed for easy installation, the Floe 868 Induratec is the simples… More info



Moisture Trap 500g

Moisture Trap 500g [Product Id: 598]

A simple, safe way to help reduce moisture in the air which can lead to serious problems such as condensation, damp, mou… More info



Fenwicks Overwintering 1 Litre

Fenwicks Overwintering 1 Litre [Product Id: 624]

Overwintering provides a protective coating for your caravan or motorhome during the winter months. The unique propertie… More info



Floe Drain Down For Static Caravans

Floe Drain Down For Static Caravans [Product Id: 8406]

The floe system is a simple way to drain down your static caravan, home or holiday home in preparation for those cold wi… More info



Drip Strip 3m

Drip Strip 3m [Product Id: 2108]



Moisture Muncher 500g

Moisture Muncher 500g [Product Id: 3440]



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