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Tents & Parts

Tents & Parts
Wide range of tents and camping accessories available at Caravan Accessory Shop.

Tents & Parts Products

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Plastic Tent Peg 8" (Red)

Plastic Tent Peg 8" (Red) [Product Id: 666]

Plastic tent peg, ideal for securing tents, awnings and gazebos in soft ground. 8 inch / 20cm long. We keep 1000s of pla… More info



Screw-In Peg

Screw-In Peg [Product Id: 1492]

These 8 inch-long, screw-in metal tent (or awning) pegs make life so much easier! Can be drilled or wound in to hard gro… More info



Rock Peg 8"

Rock Peg 8" [Product Id: 734]

8 inch long metal tent and awning peg, ideal for rock and hardstanding. More info



Plastic Tent Peg 12" (Red)

Plastic Tent Peg 12" (Red) [Product Id: 1555]

Extra long plastic tent peg. Ideal for use in soft ground. More info



Hard Ground Peg 25cm

Hard Ground Peg 25cm [Product Id: 458]

25cm long tent or awning peg which is ideal for use on hardstanding pitches or in hard ground. More info



Blue Diamond Power Pegs in Box (20)

Blue Diamond Power Pegs in Box (20) [Product Id: 8397]

20 x 6mm steel pegs in plastic storage case. Ideal for securing tents or awnings in hard or stoney ground. More info



Hooped Ground Bar Stake

Hooped Ground Bar Stake [Product Id: 3615]

Heavy duty ground anchor. Ideal for securing ground bars on marquees, gazebos and party tents. Can also be used to secur… More info



Tent Pole Spring Buttons (3)

Tent Pole Spring Buttons (3) [Product Id: 1199]

These spring buttons from W4 comes in a pack of 3. They are designed for pole joint locations and are ideal as spares or… More info



Wire Tent Pegs 9" (10)

Wire Tent Pegs 9" (10) [Product Id: 1046]

Pack of 10 wire tent pegs. 4.75mm x 230mm. Tried and tested by 1,000's of customers - these are by far the best budget t… More info



Fenwicks Awning Cleaner 1 Litre

Fenwicks Awning Cleaner 1 Litre [Product Id: 57]

Another great product from the Fenwick's Advanced Caravan Care range. Fenwick's Awning Cleaner is specifically designed … More info



Kampa Guy Line Set (4)

Kampa Guy Line Set (4) [Product Id: 8647]

Replacement guy line for your Kampa tent or awning. More info



Tarzan Rock Peg Pack (20)

Tarzan Rock Peg Pack (20) [Product Id: 4678]

This Tarzan Rock Peg Pack from Kampa contains 20 x heavy duty, Tarzan rock pegs. Ideal for securely pegging a tent or aw… More info



Fabsil Reproofer 2.5l

Fabsil Reproofer 2.5l [Product Id: 1074]

Fabsil is a silicone based water repellent that now incorporates a unique UV absorber that protects the fabric against t… More info



Groundsheet Peg 3 1/2 inch

Groundsheet Peg 3 1/2 inch [Product Id: 432]

Short, round-top peg. Ideal for securing groundsheets. More info



Awning Hanger Tubular

Awning Hanger Tubular [Product Id: 58]

A strong alloy hanger with five moveable plastic hooks (the other two hooks are used for hanging in place over any awnin… More info



Kampa Reflective Guyline on a Reel 5mm x 15m

Kampa Reflective Guyline on a Reel 5mm x 15m [Product Id: 8659]

Avoid tripping over your tent at night with this highly reflective guyline. Complete with handy spool. Ideal to keep as … More info



Tent Peg Extractor Deluxe

Tent Peg Extractor Deluxe [Product Id: 637]

This tent peg extractor from W4 is the perfect solution for all your camping needs. The strong sprung steel construction… More info



Tent Peg Extractor

Tent Peg Extractor [Product Id: 1156]

The discomfort of extracting tent pegs can be a thing of the past with the Kampa Tent Peg Extractor. This is an essentia… More info



Fluorescent Guyline with Runners 4 x 4m

Fluorescent Guyline with Runners 4 x 4m [Product Id: 1878]

Avoid tripping over your tent or awning at night with this set of brightly coloured, high visibility guylines. Each guyl… More info



Lightweight Toilet Tent

Lightweight Toilet Tent [Product Id: 2014]

Toilet tent with the following features:Poles: Fibreglass Weight: 2.35kg Dimensions: 120cm x 120cm Height: 225cmEXTRA FE… More info



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