e-go Titanium Caravan Mover

e-go Titanium Caravan Mover

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Brand: Purpleline [EGO400]

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Product Description

e-go Titanium Caravan Mover | For Single Axle or Twin Axle Caravans

Manoeuvre your caravan effortlessly with the e-go Titanium Caravan Mover control system. The e-go Titanium Caravan Mover is controlled by the innovative 'Quattro' control system, which allows you to switch the system between single and twin axle or quad motor modes.

The new e-go Titanium delivers more power, higher efficiency and less weight. The e-go unit's precision engineering and innovative product features deliver a winning combination. It is designed and developed without compromise.

The e-go Titanium Caravan Mover is compact and lightweight but powerful; and its 12 volt motors comfortably allow the caravan to be moved safely and reliably, even up 25% slopes and over rough terrain.

Beautifully Engineered: A direct power train, lightweight alloy gearbox drives the wheel rollers smoothly and positively, without loss of power.

Easy and Effortless: Roller wheel engagement is simple and effortless using a single-action over-centre cam.

Accurate Control: The e-go remote control system lets you manoeuvre your caravan with pin-point accuracy in any direction: forwards, backwards or complete 360°Â° rotations.

Compact and Tough: Designed to be as small and strong as possible, the e-go combines high-grade, lightweight materials with high-output, low-gear motors.


Operating voltage: 12V DC
Avg current consumption: 25 Amps
Max current consumption: 76 Amps
Weight (2 motor): 23kg
Speed: 12cm per second
Safe working load (SWL): 2250kg (2 Motor) / 3500kg (4 Motor)
Min width (caravan/trailer): 1800mm
Max width (caravan/trailer): 2500mm
Power source (Leisure Battery): 12V (Min 85Ah - rec 110Ah)
Engagement method: single lever
Dual wheel engagement: Yes


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