Quest Wheeled Cool Box 40l 12v/230v

Quest Wheeled Cool Box 40l 12v/230v

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Brand: Quest [157514]

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Product Description

This smart and multipurpose coolbox can not only cool but also heat your food. The coolbox is lightweight and has in-built wheels making it easy to carry or wheel around.

The coolbox can be used to heat or cool items kept inside. Simply switch it from heat to cool and the items inside are kept either cool or warm - giving you great flexibility. Additionally, the fridge has been made to operate as quietly as possible. This means you have less noise inside your tent/caravan/awning/gazebo - whilst trying to sleep!

The premium build quality and parts used in this coolbox have helped it get an A energy rating. This means it is well insulated and very little energy is lost to the outside, ensuring that it only uses the power required and none is lost. This also helps the coolbox last longer as none of the parts are put under extra load due to inefficiency.


Capacity 40 litres
12V DC car and 240V AC mains
Size: 56 x 29 x 42 cm
Weight 6.8 kg
Decibels 35 dB
Cooling 18 to 22 below ambient temperature
Heating warms to 65 by set-point thermostat
Fold-out handle
Energy A rating
Built-in cable tidy
Seperator shelf
Very quiet motor


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