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Simple Water System

Tuesday, May 15th, 2018

We’ve recently had lots of people inquiring about setting up a water system in their trailer or camper conversion. We thought it might be a good idea to put together a list of parts needed to put together a very simple system providing cold water to one sink.

The simplest water system consists of a Water Container for both fresh and waste water, a submersible pump, a length of hose, a couple of jubilee clips, a microswitched tap and a leisure battery.

The submersible pump is capable of sucking water from the container and sending it direct to the tap – the closer the tank is to the tap will ensure a higher flow rate. Consideration should also be taken when choosing the location of the water tank taking care to think about conveniently refilling.

Please note this is just a simple system; there are many variations and more complex systems that can be used but all working on the same principle.

Happy converting!

6kg Calor Lite Propane Propane Gas bottle.

Tuesday, October 24th, 2017

You may be aware that some time ago Calor announced the phasing out of the Calor Lite Gas bottles.
Following concerns about the longevity of the current model with a higher than expected number failing routine quality inspections they have decided not to invest anymore money into the product. Instead they are coming up with a completely new bottle!

…..So what does that mean for us who have the bottles???

*Caravan Accessory Shop do still have stock of the 6kg lite bottles so no need to worry just yet! (Available in store only).

*If there comes a time that you are unable to swap for a 6kg lite you will be given a normal 6kg propane which can be exchanged back to a 6kg lite when there is availability.

*All existing 6kg lite customers will be able to swap their bottles for the new bottle once it comes to market.

***Original 6 Lite Cylinder Refill Agreement (sometimes known as a 167) is required or alternative receipt or proof of 6kg Lite purchase.

For further information see the Q&A’s on their website.

Our local campsite start dates…..

Tuesday, February 28th, 2017

It seems like only yesterday when the campsite owners were saying good bye to their last customers of 2016 yet here we are announcing their opening dates for what will hopefully be a busy season to come!

We have put together a list of some of the most popular sites local to us and in opening date order, simply click on the links for further information:

1st March
Sandy Gulls, Mundesley
Woodhill Holiday Park, East Runton
15th March
Forest Park, Northrepps
17th March
Incleboro Fields, West Runton
Sea Croft, Cromer
24th March
Beeston Regis, Sherringham
30th March
Breck Farm, Weybourne
31st March
Manor Farm, East Runton
1st April
Links Camping & Caravan Park, Mundesley
5th April
Laburnum Carvana Park, West Runton

Well we hope that’s given you a few ideas of where to stay this season, remember to pop into our shop in West Runton for any of those last minute essentials or alternatively get prepared and order on line before you come!

Visit Caravan Accessory Shop, West Runton

Get prepared for Winter!

Monday, November 7th, 2016

Here is our quick guide to our top 6 caravan winterising products. Essential items for protecting your investment over the winter months.

1: Covers:  To protect your caravan against the elements, UV, dust and bird lime use a caravan cover. We offer three types: traditional full size caravan covers, lightweight caravan covers and also covers for just the top of the caravan.

2. Vent Covers: If storing your caravan in an exposed area it is a good idea to cover your vents with winter covers – otherwise leave open to allow for air circulation.

3. Leisure Batteries: Disconnect your leisure battery during the winter months and keep it topped up with a trickle charger or Smart Charger.

5. Moisture Absorbers: Position a moisture absorber in the centre of your caravan, or ideally one in each room to
protect against condensation, damp and mildew during the winter months. The large damp buster is ideal for the main room and can be left for months before it needs emptying. Mini moisture traps are ideal for the bathroom or wardrobes.

6. Security: Protect your investment this winter – at Caravan Accessory Shop we have everything you need to secure your caravan. Wheel clamps, hitch locks and security devices. A Sold Secure lock on your caravan can lower insurance premiums and provide piece of mind whilst you are away from your caravan. We also stock caravan alarm systems and a range of caravan security door locks.

For further information on how to get prepared for winter see the Winterisation section on our website.

Camping Essentials List

Thursday, July 28th, 2016

I was recently asked by a customer in our shop, “what are the most essential things to take camping with you?”.

I refrained from advising that the customer needed one of everything in our shop (as their car was not large enough!) and instead came up with this list:

1. A good sleeping bag

A good night’s sleep is essential to enjoying your camping trip. We have a great range of sleeping bags on display in our shop -we have something to match all budgets. In addition a reliable airbed (we only sell brands we can trust), airmat or camp bed is also essential.

2. A good torch

We have a great range of LED camping lights, lanterns and torches – essential for finding the correct tent in the middle of the night.

3. Good tent pegs, a mallet and a peg puller (optional)

Strong metal tents pegs – that do not bend the moment they hit a stone – and also some pegs with a bit more grip if the ground is very soft.

4. Extra guy lines

It may look calm when you first pitch your tent, but the wind can get up very quickly – especially when camping on the North Norfolk coast.

5. Some repair tape

Be prepared for the worst things that can happen whilst camping and then, they won’t ruin your holiday if they do occur!

6. Cooking equipment (and plenty of gas)

Don’t be left with half-cooked sausages by running out of gas.

We tend to advise that if you are going to be camping rarely then you should buy a stove that operates from disposable gas cannisters. If you will be camping regularly, it will be more economical to use larger, refillable cylinders.

Camping on a real budget? Then just take a couple of disposable BBQs.

7. A windbreak (or wind shield)

Makes cooking outdoors easier and can also provide your tent with some privacy.

I think we have the largest range of windbreaks available anywhere! Everything from £7.99 to £244 – and lots of options everywhere in between!

8. A camping toilet

Especially useful if camping with little ones. You don’t want to have to be traipsing all the way to the toilet block when they wake in the night.

Cadac Safari Chef HP or LP?

Wednesday, July 27th, 2016

A common question we get asked is: “what is the difference between the High Pressure and Low Pressure versions of the ever-so-popular Cadac Safari Chef?”

The difference is the type of gas cylinders that the Safari Chef can be operated on.

Choose the High Pressure (HP) version if you only intend to operate the BBQ from disposable gas cannisters.

However, you should choose the Low Pressure (LP) version if you wish to operate the BBQ from larger, refillable gas cylinders or from the BBQ point on the side of your caravan or motorhome.

By purchasing the low pressure (LP) version you also have the choice of operating from high pressure (disposable) gas cannisters by purchasing a Cadac Power Pak or similar regulator.

Q&A on Kampa Awnings

Thursday, April 14th, 2016
Q: Can I buy directly from Kampa?
A: No. Kampa has been supporting independent dealers since the company began in 2007. These include Caravan Accessory Shop!


Q: Where can I buy Kampa products?
A: Kampa products can be purchased through our extensive dealer network. If you would like to find your nearest retailer, please visit our store locator.


Q: Will this awning suit my caravan/motorhome?
A: None of our awnings are designed to fit a specific vehicle. As they are universal, it is up to you to figure out whether our awnings will be suitable as we do not have measurements of every vehicle unfortunately.

There are two measurements that you need to check to ensure that an awning fits. (This excludes Classic awnings)

Height – If you look in the awnings specifications you will find a measurement specifying what heights the awning is suitable for. This height does not correlate to the height of your vehicle but the height of attachment.

Example: A Kampa Rally caravan awning is suitable for use between the heights of 235 -250 cm. This measurement is the height to the awning rail in which the awning attaches to. If the height from the ground to your awning rail fits in between this range then the height of the awning is suitable for your caravan.

Width – Whether the awning is too long for your vehicle is not the only factor you should take into account. Although purely for aesthetic reasons, you should also be looking to make sure that the awning will not be half way across a window.

Example: The Kampa Rally caravan awning is available in four sizes, 200, 260, 330, 390. This number denotes the width of the awning and does not affect the height of the awning. Bill is after the largest Rally awning that can fit on his caravan but finds that the 390 unfortunately slightly covers a window on his caravan, however the 330 fits perfectly. Bill has the choice here of either taking the 390 and having it slightly cross the window, or going for the slightly smaller 330 and having it not cross the window.

If you are still unsure, please get in contact with your preferred Kampa retailer.



Q: Condensation
A: Condensation is caused by warm, moist air coming into contact with cold surfaces. Condensation can occur inside most awnings, which may sometimes be misinterpreted as the awning leaking.

There is always moisture in the air when you pitch a waterproof fabric above damp ground; however the situation is made worse by adding people who are breathing out warm water vapour. When the warm moist air inside comes into contact with the awning, which is cooled by the outside air, condensation forms.

During rain more condensation can form due to lower outside temperature and drops can form and run down seams or fall on internal poles, giving the appearance of a leak.

Main sources of condensation

  • Ground moisture rising inside your awning.
  • Your breath. When sleeping at night you will exhale approximately 1 litre of water. This water vapour is trapped within your caravan/motorhome; this will escape through opening widows, doors or vents into your awning.
  • Storing damp or wet clothes.
  • Cooking by gas for ½ hour can produce ½ litre of water.


Awning ventilation is more important than is generally realised – particularly in synthetic awnings. Under extreme conditions, condensation within the awning cannot be completely avoided. Condensation nearly always occurs on the roof poles and therefore it is often confused with leaks.

Leave the ventilation panels open as much as possible, especially when the awning is erected for some time as this will minimise condensation. Whenever possible it is recommended that the draught skirt is drawn aside slightly so that extra air circulation can take place. To prevent ground moisture rising inside the awning, a plastic underlay can be placed underneath, but this will cause the grass to die and may contravene some caravan sites rules.



Q: Spare parts
A: Spare parts are available through your supplying dealer. You may need to wait for these parts to arrive with the dealer as they may not have them in stock.

If you believe that the parts are covered under warranty then please check the warranty section of the FAQ.


Q: Warranty
A: All of our products come with a 12 month warranty from date of purchase unless specified otherwise. This does not affect your statutory rights.

All of our warranty procedures are followed out by the supplying dealer. There are certain exclusions.



Handy Hacks & Top Tips

Thursday, March 3rd, 2016

We’ve been scouring the internet for Handy Hacks and Top Tips and have decided to collate a few of our favourites.

Hopefully these can be of some use to you on your next camping or caravanning trip!


1. Toilet Roll Fire Starter

Fill up an empty toilet roll inner tube with crumpled paper, small sticks, lint from your tumble drier, cotton balls or anything else flammable and place it in the centre of a pile of kindling. Light at both ends.


2. Anti-Mosquito Herbs

Burning Sage in your campfire can help to keep away the mosquitos. You can also download apps which play mosquito repelling noises onto your smartphone. If they keep coming anyway, sleep under a Mosquito Net to avoid bites. If you still get bitten, rubbing a piece of hard soap onto the bites can help relieve itching.


3. Portable Gourmet Kitchen

If tins of beans are not for you, continue your culinary adventures on your camp stove and store small amounts of spices inside empty Tic Tac boxes.


4. Hillbilly Washing Machine

Follow these instructions to make your own portable washing machine!


5. Avoid Danger

Make sure you know which plants are poisonous to avoid unpleasant painful memories of your trip! Check out the NHS guide HERE.


6. Tick remover

If someone has a tick on them, gently hold a cotton ball soaked in liquid soap on it. It should retract it’s teeth and come away in under a minute.

To repel ticks spray water with a little tea tree oil in on your skin and clothes.


7. First Aid

Wise up on what you might need here. It could be lifesaving!


8. Multi Purpose Cooking Equipment

Mess Kits can be used to boil water, heat soups or sauces and fry. They’re very versatile cooking pans! Continue space saving with a SPORK! An ideal lightweight three-in-one eating tool.


9. Super Survival with Tampons

Prepare to be surprised at all these inventive uses for Tampons whilst in the wild! Definitely worth packing a couple in your survival kit.


10. Makeshift Spoon

Make a makeshift spoon by cutting up a soft drinks bottle as shown here:


Which Hitch Lock?

Tuesday, July 8th, 2014

Recent statistics show that over 5,000 caravans are stolen every year with very few ever being recovered. Here at the Caravan Accessory Shop we offer a wide range of Security products to suit all of your needs and budgets, however we are aware that when it comes to choosing which security to go for things can become a little bit of a mindfield: “What is the difference between a £30 lock and a £70 lock?”. This is a question we are regularly asked.

When choosing a Hitch Lock there are four main considerations:

1. Will it fit my hitch?
2. How secure is it?
3. How long does it take to fit?
4. How much does it cost?

Hitch Lock What will it fit? Security Rating Speed to fit? Price
Saracen AL-KO AK130, AK160, AKS1300, AKS2004 & AKS3004 stabiliser hitches Insurance Approved Quick £55.00
Saracen Gullwing AL-KO AKS2004 & AKS3004 stabiliser hitches Thatcham category 3 Quickest £79.95
Milenco Super Heavy Duty 3004 AL-KO, AKS1300, AKS2004, AKS3004 & AK10 stabiliser hitches Sold Secure Gold Quick £69.99
Saracen Winterhoff Winterhoff WS2000 stabiliser hitches Insurance Approved Quick £69.99
Saracen Avonride Knott Avonride trailer hitches Insurance Approved Quick £79.99

The recognizable names in Caravan security are Sold Secure and Thatcham Quality Assurance, so when looking for your caravan security if the box has their seal of approval then rest assured they have undergone rigorous tests to ensure they are able to withstand a variety of theft attempts.

Sold secure approves locking systems by testing the locks using the tools that a typical thief would carry. There are 3 levels of security:
Silver – The Silver level offers basic security, a cost effective product for the occasions when a caravan is stored in a good location.

Gold – Ideal when a higher level of security is needed.

Diamond – The highest of all and offers maximum protection

The Fullstop Saracen Gullwing Hitch Lock is Thatcham approved and has therefore undergone rigorous tests:
• Capable of withstanding a 120 second attack using power tools
• Capable of withstanding a 300 second attack using hand tools
• Minimum of 1000 lock code combinations
• Resistant to advanced cutting and torque tests

Morco Water Heater Spares

Wednesday, November 27th, 2013

Here at Caravan Accessory Shop we are the UK’s No.1 supplier of the Morco D61E/B LPG water heater. They are always in stock and due to massive buying power we have been able to knock nearly £40 off of the RRP!

As with all things in winter; water heaters are prone to wear and tear especially this time of year when the cold has set in and everything has to work that much harder to keep up!

We stock a comprehensive range of Spare parts for the Morco D61E and D61B to help with your repairs this winter.

Consult our new Morco Troubleshooting Guide to see what could be wrong first!

Do remember to always consult a gas safe engineer before making any repairs or your Warranty will be invalidated and more importantly, it could be dangerous.