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Campsite opening dates

How can we be at the start of the season 2018 already?! If the weather is anything to go by then it certainly doesn’t fell like it but our busy shop and extremely busy website tells us that, yes we are truly into the new season again!

We’ve taken a quick look at the campsites locally to find out their exact dates of opening:

Seacroft Caravan and Motorhome clucbsite – Open now.
Woodhill Park – Caravan and Camping – Open 19th March.
Incleboro Fields Caravan and Motorhome Club Site – Open now.
Manor Farm Caravan and Camping Site – Opens Easter.
West Runton Camping & Caravanning Club – Open 29th March.
Laburnum Caravan Park – 21st March.
Beeston Regis Holiday Park – Open 19th March.

Fancy venturing a little further along the coast? Why not take a look at the Beautiful caravan site Sandy Hills based in Sea Palling.
It’s the perfect place; a stones throw from the beautiful sandy beach, shops, amusements and pub – what more could you want from a holiday?!

Happy holidays folks!

Morco Water Heaters…..what’s the alternative?!

You may remember some time ago we shared a blog about the nationwide shortage of Morco Water Heaters…..sadly there is still no availability of these boilers; it’s unlikely that there will be any in circulation for the foreseeable future!

However……it’s not all bad news because here at the caravan accessory shop we are able to offer an alternative to every Morco boiler that was on the market:

The Bosch W1359 is an ideal replacement for the Morco D61e and the D61b. With similar dimensions and same flue size you can replace your old Morco with this model. The great news is that it comes complete with fitting kit so there’s no need for additional purchases (unless you need a new flue which is the same one as you would used for the Morco).

If you’re looking for an alternative to the Morco G11 water heater then we have the Bosch W11. Once again it is a like for like alternative with similar dimensions and same flue diameter and comes complete with fitting kit. If you do require a flue kit you can find it here

For those of you that are looking for a room sealed appliance which can be sited in any location including narrow boats, trailers, shepherds huts and horseboxes look no further than the Widney Slimtronic Water Heater, it’s the equivalent to the Morco F11 EL which as you guessed is also out of stock until further notice! With this model there is the option of a horizonatal or vertical flue. Depending on which water heater you are replacing you may also need to use a mounting bracket which simply allows alignment of the water heater with an existing flue opening.

The country may be down on Morco Water Heaters but here at Caravan Accessory Shop we are most definitely not out!

‘Staycations’ are becoming the way forward for holidaying in the UK and Europe!

It’s official…..whether you’re holidaying in your caravan, motorhome or tent, more people are choosing this type of holiday year on year!
A recent report from the National Caravan Council revealed data showing a booming market, with caravan sales up 13.7 percent in the first 6 months of 2017 compared to the same time last year. (quote Camping & caravanning Club magazine)

This is great news for us at the Caravan Accessory shop!
We have seen business go from strength to strength this year with record sales both on line and instore…

We have added 100’s of products to our ever expanding range of accessories and Spares category all available to order online at Caravan Accessory Shop

The shop had a revamp earlier in the year which allowed space for us to display Awnings and Sleeping Bags – perfect for customers to get a real feel for the products!

What’s next?
More products! More staff!
Watch this space…….

Morco Water Heater Shortage – We Still Have Stock… for now

There is currently a widespread shortage of water heaters in the static caravan industry.

Morco Products – the mains supplier of industry standard water heaters are currently sold out of most models.

As their factories are on summer shutdown, they will have no more stock until the middle of September.

Morco may have ran out of water heaters but we still have some… for now. They are selling so fast that we are unlikely to have enough to last until September though.

Caravan Accessory Shop to the Rescue

Caravan on fireIt was an eventful day here at the Caravan Accessory Shop during the busy half term week…….

A Gentleman came rushing in to the shop asking for an extinguisher to use on his caravan that had caught fire just outside.

Thanks to our quick thinking staff we were able to offer assistance, disconnecting the caravan’s gas cylinders, before local fire crews arrived.

Thankfully no one was injured, although a sadly damaged caravan remains.

Let this be a lesson to all… ensure your caravan or motorhome is stocked with all of the necessary safety devices before heading out on your holidays this summer.

Read more on the EDP website.

Carry on Caravanning!

Further to our recent blog The Great Outdoors we are now giving you 5 products to make winter touring more enjoyable:

1. Low Wattage Heaters
An essential for all Caravans and Motorhomes to provide extra heat!
Always check that your gas appliances are in good working order and if necessary consult a gas safe engineer. We will soon be putting together a handy trouble shooting guide to Morco water heaters…watch this space!

2. Moisture Munchers
Use moisture absorbers and traps in your Caravan or Motorhome for a safe effective way to reduce condensation and damp.

3. Insulated aquaroll covers
Reduce the risk of your water freezing whilst caravanning in the winter months. In the summer the cover can be reversed, helping to reflect sunlight and keep water cooler.

4. Grip Tracks
Most sites will close grass pitches during winter, however, if you are allocated a grass pitch, ensure you don’t get stuck in the mud by using grip track, wedges, ground mats and chocks.

5. Dometic Winter Covers
Ensure your fridge doesn’t over cool when temperatures drop by fitting a purpose made cover to fit the vent on the outside of your Caravan or Motorhome.

So once again folks we have given you more reasons to get out and about this winter.
Get in touch with any suggestions you have for a warmer Winter in the Caravan.

Government U-turn on Static Caravan Sales Vat Rise

Great news for the static caravan industry this morning as plans to impose a full 20% vat rate on static caravan sales have been placed on hold.

Rather than the planned 20% vat rate from October, there will now be a lower 5% vat rate implied from April 2013. Removable contents of the caravan will be continued to be charged at the full vat rate (as has always been the case).