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A Solution for Levelling Twin Axle Caravans

We are regularly asked, in our shop, for the best way to level a twin-axle caravan. We currently offer the Kojack twin-axle levelling jack and also large levelling blocks, but now there is a very simple solution from Milenco.

If you already have a set of Milenco Quattro (or Triple) levelling blocks, you can now purchase a “Bridge“. Simply place the levellers back to back and the bridge will allow you to drive up and over the top to achieve desired lift.

Campervan Conversions – Fitting swivel bases.

Ever had visions of owning your own campervan but never quite had enough money to fulfil the dream?
Well maybe those dreams can now become a reality by taking on a self build camper conversion. Scared? No need to be, all you need is a small selection of DIY skills and a bit of enthusiasm!

Over the coming weeks we will be adding different categories to our website for those wishing to embark on a self build campervan.

Products may not be added in the order that you wish to convert but more likely will depend on availability from our supplier, therefore the first category we have added are swivel bases.

If you have 2 front seats in your van (rather than a bench seat) then fitting seats is pretty straight forward. Simply unbolt the seat from the base, bolt the swivel plate onto the base, then bolt the seat and runners back onto the swivel plate. We find YouTube is often a great resource for help with installations.

Note that swivel bases are not universal therefore you will need to order the correct ones for your van and it’s year – we have listed all of the ones available with our supplier here.

It’s amazing the sense of achievement you’ll get from your own conversion….before you know it you’ll have the freedom to go where you want and take whatever you want with whoever you want!

Happy converting!

Morco Water Heaters…..what’s the alternative?!

You may remember some time ago we shared a blog about the nationwide shortage of Morco Water Heaters…..sadly there is still no availability of these boilers; it’s unlikely that there will be any in circulation for the foreseeable future!

However……it’s not all bad news because here at the caravan accessory shop we are able to offer an alternative to every Morco boiler that was on the market:

The Bosch W1359 is an ideal replacement for the Morco D61e and the D61b. With similar dimensions and same flue size you can replace your old Morco with this model. The great news is that it comes complete with fitting kit so there’s no need for additional purchases (unless you need a new flue which is the same one as you would used for the Morco).

If you’re looking for an alternative to the Morco G11 water heater then we have the Bosch W11. Once again it is a like for like alternative with similar dimensions and same flue diameter and comes complete with fitting kit. If you do require a flue kit you can find it here

For those of you that are looking for a room sealed appliance which can be sited in any location including narrow boats, trailers, shepherds huts and horseboxes look no further than the Widney Slimtronic Water Heater, it’s the equivalent to the Morco F11 EL which as you guessed is also out of stock until further notice! With this model there is the option of a horizonatal or vertical flue. Depending on which water heater you are replacing you may also need to use a mounting bracket which simply allows alignment of the water heater with an existing flue opening.

The country may be down on Morco Water Heaters but here at Caravan Accessory Shop we are most definitely not out!

‘Staycations’ are becoming the way forward for holidaying in the UK and Europe!

It’s official…..whether you’re holidaying in your caravan, motorhome or tent, more people are choosing this type of holiday year on year!
A recent report from the National Caravan Council revealed data showing a booming market, with caravan sales up 13.7 percent in the first 6 months of 2017 compared to the same time last year. (quote Camping & caravanning Club magazine)

This is great news for us at the Caravan Accessory shop!
We have seen business go from strength to strength this year with record sales both on line and instore…

We have added 100’s of products to our ever expanding range of accessories and Spares category all available to order online at Caravan Accessory Shop

The shop had a revamp earlier in the year which allowed space for us to display Awnings and Sleeping Bags – perfect for customers to get a real feel for the products!

What’s next?
More products! More staff!
Watch this space…….

6kg Calor Lite Propane Propane Gas bottle.

You may be aware that some time ago Calor announced the phasing out of the Calor Lite Gas bottles.
Following concerns about the longevity of the current model with a higher than expected number failing routine quality inspections they have decided not to invest anymore money into the product. Instead they are coming up with a completely new bottle!

…..So what does that mean for us who have the bottles???

*Caravan Accessory Shop do still have stock of the 6kg lite bottles so no need to worry just yet! (Available in store only).

*If there comes a time that you are unable to swap for a 6kg lite you will be given a normal 6kg propane which can be exchanged back to a 6kg lite when there is availability.

*All existing 6kg lite customers will be able to swap their bottles for the new bottle once it comes to market.

***Original 6 Lite Cylinder Refill Agreement (sometimes known as a 167) is required or alternative receipt or proof of 6kg Lite purchase.

For further information see the Q&A’s on their website.

Which Caravan Cover?

With more and more products on the market these days it’s difficult to know which Caravan Cover will be right for you.

We stock a comprehensive range of winter caravan covers here at Caravan Accessory Shop.

Our range includes:

The traditional style Kampa Prestige Cover – with a 2 year warranty – in green.

Caravan Top Covers – lightweight and quick to fit, these covers are ideal when your caravan is parked or stored under trees.

New for this year is the Crusader Cover Pro:

The CoverPRO range of caravan covers are perfect for winter storage or simply to protect your caravan when it is not in use. These premium caravan covers provide excellent protection for the extremes of British weather and have several enhanced features over traditional covers:

4-Layer Protection – the outer layers are strong and durable and protect from harmful UV rays. The middle layer’s breathable film allows vapour to escape whilst keeping out the rain. The inner layer is soft but non-abrasive so it will not scratch the caravan.

4 Corner Zips – allowing easy access to any door position with velcro reinforcement.

Vents – additional hooded vents at the top for added ventilation and breathability.

Strong Adjustable Straps – at front, back and sides for windproof fit

Reflective Bands on Front and Rear – for increased visibility and safety

Free Carry Bag – durable for convenient storage

Free Matching Hitch Cover – 4-ply protection and quick release straps

There is a Caravan Cover to suit all size and type of caravan, from the smallest at 14′ to the largest at 25′ so don’t delay and get your caravan protected today!

Cadac BBQ’s have arrived in North Norfolk!

BBQ – ‘A well known popular method of cooking, often associated with a social gathering which takes place outdoors’

This method of cooking and socialising is something celebrated and enjoyed the world over and we for one are big fans!

Here at Caravan Accessory Shop we offer a range of BBQ’s available in different shapes and sizes, and now we are very excited to anounce that we have added to our range with the Cadac Carri Chef 2 gas BBQ; an incredibly versatile barbeque with 3 interchangeable cooking surfaces offering an all in one cooking experience. No wonder it is the BBQ of choice for most caravanners!

Weighing just 15kg and supplied with its own handy carry bag it’s light enough to take anywhere – an ideal companion for caravanning and camping, picnics and fishing or simply staying home on the patio.

Visit us in store or online to see our comprehensive range of Cadac accessories and spares. For now why not get one Christmas gift ticked off the list and treat someone to the Cadac Carri Chef 2 BBQ!

Stay cool this Summer with a portable cooler

The portable Ice chest was invented in 1951 and later popularized by the Coleman Company in 1954. Since then we have come a long way in cooling.

Here at Caravan Accessory Shop we offer a range of products to keep your food and drinks cool whilst camping, travelling or on the beach.

Cool Boxes are becoming increasingly popular, so much so that we are continuously adding to our range.

The Waeco Mobicool W40 Cool Box 12V/230V offers a large 40 litre capacity; perfect for family camping trips. It comes with roller wheels and handle for ease of use and will run from a 12 volt power supply or mains electric.

For a slightly smaller capacity the Waeco Mobicool T35 Cool Box 12V offers the versatility of being able to operate up-right like a conventional fridge or flat like a chest cooler. It also has a warming mode, as well as a cooling mode, for use with hot food – our local chip shop uses a T35 when making deliveries.

The Kampa Cool Box is a great solution if space is tight or you are without electric hook up, as this cooler can be operated by using the cigarette lighter socket in the car. (It can also run from mains electric by using a mains transformer). We have 25 litre and 30 litre versions of this budget electric cool box.

However, this is just the tip of the Iceberg, (pun intended!). To see the complete range and for further information visit Caravan Accessory Shop in store or online.

We’ve added a new category to the website….

As ever we continue to add to our already extensive range of caravan and camping accessories….

This week sees the arrival of a brand new category – Binoculars!

We stock full size, pocket size and monoculars; perfect for all of those keen twitchers amongst us.

So follow the link and add a pair of binoculars to your list of essentials when packing for this years holiday!

Rain Boots, Gum Boots, Billy Boots or Top Boots?

No matter where you are in the world; Canada, USA, Australia, NZ, Ireland or Europe……everybody loves a good pair of Wellies!

We are pleased to add Wellington Boots to our already extensive range of outdoor footwear.

Well known makes such as Dunlop, Grisport and Goodyear are all available in both Adult and small sizes and for the ladies a smart Tartan design.

So, whatever you choose to call them, whatever their purpose; everybody needs a pair of Wellies in their life!