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Which gas regulator do I need for my gas cylinder?

Most gas cylinders require a different regulator. The subject can be quite a minefield with so many diffenent sizes and makes of gas bottle available. Here is a quick guide to help ensure you order the correct gas regulator for your bbq:

Which type of gas cannister/cartridge do I require?

At Caravan Accessory Shop, we have a comprehensive range of gas cannisters and cartridges for camping use.

The type of gas cartridge you need is often determined by the appliance you are using with it. Here is our quick guide:

  • For our portable gas cookers – and any other similar stove – you will require a 227g resealable butane gas cannister. There are a huge amount of different brands available on the market. We sell Kampa’s – great value at £5.99 for a pack of 4 – but there are also SunnGas, Gelert, Highlander and Campingaz CP250 to name just a few. All work in the same way. Our portable gas heaters also use the same cartridge.
  • Our small Campingaz appliances require a Campingaz cartridge which have a unique Easy Clic Plus connection. They are very quick and simple to fit and provide a secure connection each time.We stock CV 300 and CV 470 cartridges. The CV 270 has been discontinued.
  • Our larger Campingaz appliances – e.g the Party Grill or the Parabolic Heater – require a Campingaz refillable cylinder. At Caravan Accessory Shop we stock the R901, R904 and R907. If you do not already own a cylinder, we can sell you a complete one. Once you own a cylinder you then just pay for the refills each time it runs out.
  • Our gas lanterns require a universal resealable gas cartridge. These have an EN417 screw thread, unlike the Campingaz ones. We stock Cadac and SunnGas gas cannisters in 220g and 500g sizes. There are 100’s of other brands on the market, all work in the same way.
  • For our larger range of camping equipment – e.g our range of double gas burners – you will require a larger refillable gas cylinder. Providing you purchase the correct regulator and gas hose you can use any size gas bottle. Most popular for camping use – due to the size – are the Calor Gas Butane 4.5kg bottles or the Campingaz 907. At Caravan Accessory Shop, we always have a full gas cage if you are need of a refill. If you do not have a cylinder already you can take out a Calor Gas rental agreement at our shop (please note: these are now subject to 20% vat).

Please note: we can not send gas cannisters in the post, therefore come and collect them from our caravan and camping shop in West Runton – just 2 miles from Cromer and Sheringham, 7 miles from North Walsham and around 20 miles from Norwich.