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A bag for all occasions……or accessory!

Try to picture yourself on those camping trips……You’ve just arrived, you’re carrying your poles/pegs & awnings in their original packaging……by now they have a hole in the corner where inevitably something drops out with every step you take and no sooner do you pick it up than something else slips through the hole!
Ring any bells??……

Well that hassle can become a thing of the past by getting yourself kitted out with a bag for every accessory!

We’ve made it simple for you…..just click on the links below, add the bags to suit your accessory and check out. Its that easy……

Awning Bag
Large drawstring carry bag – ideal for storing your full size awning or tent.

Pole Bag
Large bag for storing awning poles or tent poles.

Peg Bag
Luxury peg bag for the neat storage of awning or tent pegs.

That pretty much takes care of your tents and awning accessories, however, here at the Caravan Accessory Shop, we like to go the extra mile, therefore we will be tweeting a different bag to accessorize your caravan & camping trip every day this week…..

If you have any suggestions tweet us @caravanningshop