Monthly Archives: March 2015

Spring into Easter with some Pre Season Preparation tips….

With Easter almost upon us, it’s time to ‘Spring’ into Easter with these handy pre season checks…..

Water and purification – we stock a wide variety of products that can be used to clean and sterilize water containers, tanks and pipes.

Cleaning – probably one of the best parts of the pre season set up is a good old Spring Clean! Be it your windows or your wheels and everything in between…..when it comes to cleaning we have it covered!

Electrics – It’s always wise to have a quick check of everything electrical to ensure they are all still in working order.

Gas – Ideally you should have your water heater serviced ready for the new season (by a gas safe engineer) and also check gas levels in your bottles.

A final check of the weather forecast (it’s looking good) and route planner should see you well on your way to your first break of 2015….. Happy Holidays!