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Top 5 Winter Tips – Storage

If you’re storing your caravan for the winter, whether it’s on your driveway or at a site, you might want to consider “winterizing” it to ensure that it’s snug, fresh and secure all winter.

You can view all our Winterization products HERE and read on to find out our Top 5.


Tip One – Invest in a Caravan Cover.

There are a variety of sizes and types of cover, from entire covers to roof covers. Whatever you choose will help protect your caravan from the elements, wind, rain, freezing ice and snow, UV rays and animal mess and leaves.

The question we get asked most is ‘How to measure?’ and ‘Where does the opening sit?’

Our Caravan Expert, Chris gives this advice, “Simply measure your caravan body, measuring parallel to the ground, from the back to the front including the gas locker but not including the A-frame.”

Our Caravan covers are universal and therefore allow a difference of a few feet with each size so all you need to do is choose the one that your measurement fits into.
The covers zip up from the two front corners allowing easy access at all times.


Tip Two – Consider Wheel Savers

Fiamma Wheel Savers are great for preventing flat spots on your tyres from sitting stationary. They can also be used with most makes of wheelclamps.


Tip Three – Drain Down with Floe

It’s a good idea to drain down your water system; this will protect it from winter frosts and remove the risk of infection from stagnant water. The easiest way to do this is to purchase a Floe system suitable for your caravan (Truma Ultraflow, Truma Crystal Mk2 or Whale) and watch the step by step instruction DVD which comes with it!


Tip Four – Eliminate Damp

Damp can cause mould, rotting and is also pretty smelly. Our Damp Buster, has a 5 litre capacity so you can leave it for months without checking or changing the crystals.


Tip Five – Stay Secure

If you’re leaving your caravan for months and you don’t have a Wheel Lock or similar security device you might want to invest in one. View our full range of security devices HERE to find something to suit you. Remember, if you have high standard caravan insurance you must have an approved wheel lock or similar for it to be valid!


We hope these tips were helpful!


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Our Pick! The Top 10 Space Saving Caravanning Gadgets

Collapsible Waste Bin

Plastic waste bin which takes a standard bin liner. Folds flat for storage and is ideal for use in a tent or awning. Dimensions: 30 x 35 x 70cm.











Collapsible pet food/water bowl

A must have for all pet owners who are short of space whilst travelling.
Size in cm: 21 x 21 x 15.











Keg Collapsible Water Container

The Kampa Keg is a collapsible water container complete with carry handle and strap. Easy to expand and collapse. 3.5 litre capacity.












Folding Bucket

10 Litre folding bucket. Also available in 5 litre.











Folding Kettle

1.2 litre collapsible kettle. Size: 16.5 x 18 / 8 cm
The ultimate space saving gadget!











Folding Step Stool

Hundreds of uses around the house or caravan. Max weight 90kg. Folded size 31.7cm x 28.5cm x 3.3cm











Brunner Kerry Slim Reclining Chair

Very compact chair which offers 7 reclining positions and a 120kg capacity.
Open size: 48 x 41.5 x H120 cm
Closed size: 58 x 10 x H101 cm











Slim Water Container

25 litre capacity water container. Super slim and space saving.
H 50cm x W 19cm x D 35cm. Also available in other capacities.











Highlander HPX100 Compact Stove

Extremely lightweight and portable gas stove which operates from universal disposable gas canisters. The stove has 3 folding arms enabling it to be packed away in to its own carry case, measuring just 5 x 5 x 11cm.











Bi-Fold Table

A great option for events where transport space is at a premium. Opens in seconds to provide a large 120cm x 60cm tabletop. Closed size 64 x 8.5 x 63.












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Happy Caravanning!