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All Leveled Out

OPINION: The wind down legs in the corners of your caravan are there to level it.


The corner steadies are so called because they steady the corner. They are attached to the floor, not the axle, and as such are unsuitable for raising and lowering the caravan when sited.

Your corner steadies should be left until the caravan is satisfactorily leveled before being wound down firmly onto a solid surface, such as concrete, or if pitching on gravel or grass consider some corner steady pads, like these by Milenco. Or these by Kampa. Or these extra large ones by Kampa, ideal for extra squishy ground.

The corner steady pads can be used with stacking blocks to raise them if the angle is too extreme for the leg to reach the ground fully unwound, these by Kampa match up nicely with the extra large pads. If you have the Milenco pads, these lock onto the bottom for extra security.


Of course, you should only unwind your corner steady legs once your caravan is level, so how do you do that?


There are very few campsites with perfectly smooth and level pitches, but a staying in a caravan on the wonk can be quite unpleasant. Doors swing open (or shut) and the slightly inebriated feeling of walking up and down hills from the fridge to the sofa can be rather off putting. You’re not on a boat, so it shouldn’t feel like it.

The easiest way to level your caravan is with a good old fashioned Spirit Level  (or a fancy one which you can attach to your hitch) and a pair of Leveling Blocks.

These Fiamma Level ups are a ramp style, they’re suitable for caravans of up to 8 tonnes (wowzer) and you use them by reversing onto them or pushing or pulling your caravan up them and using Wheel Chocks to secure in place once it’s level.

These Stepped Level Ups reduce the risk of slippage and offer greater stability while levelling and parking. They also reduce the need for Chocks. We also have extra wide and tall ones by Milenco which feature a solid base, so they don’t sink and are ideal for unstable ground, and they are extremely grippy and secure. You can mount two back to back for twin axle caravans by attaching them together with the Mounting Plate. Then, if you’re a really adventurous camper, Milenco make the tallest available Level Ups, for really rough terrain. These can also be attached together.


I hope that’s helped with some leveling queries you may have had. Please check out the full Siting and Leveling selection on our website!


Happy Caravanning!

How To Clean a Caravan (a FENWICKS guide)

Gone are the days of a bucket and sponge and some washing up liquid! For optimum caravan cleanliness and high level maintenance you need to take this job very seriously indeed.

If you are baffled about where to begin, start here and we will help you on your way to having the shiniest caravan on the site…


Step 1

Find your caravan. Is it in the garage? Is it under a cover somewhere on your property? Or perhaps a storage site – in which case you’ll need to get yourself over there (once you’ve printed this post to take with you) or bring your caravan home. Is it just sitting uncovered, your expensive pride and joy, gradually going green and slimy? If so, you really had better get yourself a Caravan Cover so that all your hard cleaning work doesn’t go to waste between now and your first trip out.

Once you’ve found your caravan it’s a good idea to give it a thorough once-over. Brush off any leaves or debris with a dry, soft brush, check the roof and seams for cracks or holes, check the windows and door seals for cracking or perishing, check the vents and wheel arches, and check the condition of the tyres, wheels and hitch.

Find the keys to your security devices (what do you mean, you don’t have any?!) and remove them, checking they all work smoothly and correctly.

You may also wish to apply oil to the moving parts of the hitch, wheels and axle, as required.


Step 2


It seems obvious, but this is a really excellent product.

Fenwicks is a superior caravan cleaner which is safe and economical to use. It’s highly concentrated – a one litre bottle will clean up to 40 caravans (if you are feeling energetic!). Simply put 2 capfuls into a bucket of water and apply with a sponge or brush. Just soak the caravan all over with it and allow it to soak in to loosen up the dirt, then scrub all over with your brush or sponge. Rinse away both cleaner and dirt with a hosepipe or flow through brush.

On extra stubborn areas use a less diluted solution or even apply neat with a cloth. It’s safe to use on acrylic windows, aluminium, rubber, decals, mastics, sealants etc.


Step 3


Now for the fiddly extras that make all the difference. Windowize is for use on acrylic and plastic windows, and when applied by hand it will remove scuff marks caused by trees as well as scratches caused by dirt and grit. Make those windows sparkle!


Step 4


A unique finishing product, Bobby Dazzler provides a protective coating and enhances shine. Simply add to a bucket of clean water and rinse all over your freshly cleaned caravan to protect against road traffic film, salt spray, acid rain, rust and airborne pollutants. It also contains an algae and mould inhibitor to slow their return and keep your caravan sparkling for longer.


Step 5

Admire your work! You’re all done and your caravan looks lovely. Congratulations.


Now follow these two top tips to keep it that way…

In between washes you can remove black streaks and stains with FENWICKS BLACK STREAK REMOVER. It is no secret that this is actually a 10 to 1 solution of their highly concentrated Caravan Cleaner. It comes in a handy trigger spray for spot treating small areas.

Make it easier next spring with FENWICKS OVERWINTERING. This provides a protective coating for your caravan or motorhome during the winter months. The unique properties actively repel water, dirt, algae growth and black streaks.

A Caravan Cover will help enormously, keeping your caravan protected from both algae and UV rays.

When storing your caravan for long periods of time, Wheel Savers are a good investment to keep your tyres from developing flat spots.


Check out our FULL RANGE of Exterior Cleaning Products!

We have other brands as well as Fenwicks, but this post was inspired the rediscovery of a picture sent in by a customer. He loves his Fenwicks Caravan Cleaner!











Happy Caravan Cleaning!

Shop Renovations

It’s been a busy winter here at Caravan Accessory Shop and we’re trying to cram lots of things in before the summer rush!

Our new project is Renovating The Shop Floor at our Shop in West Runton, Norfolk.

As we moved our office and online packaging area to our new Warehouse last year, the space left in the back room of the shop was getting cluttered with boxes and coffee mugs – something had to be done!

So we’re clearing and decluttering, it feels like spring cleaning (despite the frost outside)!

Shortly, a stud wall is going to be removed and then, as if by magic, we will have a whole new section of shop floor available for NEW Products and displays of large or bulky items.

Our shop has expanded gradually since we moved in in December 2009 and this expansion will make it the biggest it probably ever can be. But never say never!

There’s very good news for our regulars – Caravan Accessory Shop will be opening normal hours all throughout the work.

We’re hoping that everything will be finished, neatly set up and gleaming ready for Easter. So if you’re planning to visit the North Norfolk Coast for your holidays this year, pop in and see the changes!

Happy Caravanning


Great Yarmouth Caravans

If you’re thinking of heading off to Great Yarmouth Caravans to visit the Accessory Shop, we regret to inform you that their shop has now closed.

(However their New and Used Caravan business is still going strong – see their website for some great quality Static Caravans here!)

But don’t fear! We at the Caravan Accessory Shop (West Runton, near Cromer, Norfolk) have purchased their leftover stock, topping up some of our stock levels and giving us a few new products for our shelves as well.

So if there’s anything you were after, give us a call on 01263 837482 and we will try and help you out. You can purchase items in our Shop (directions here) or online on our Website for postage all over the UK and most countries Worldwide.

Happy Caravanning!

Aquaroll are the best you can get…

F L Hitchman is a small company which is based in the UK. They make some of our best selling products – including the Aqua Roll and the Waste Master.

They have just announced that they are now offering a


on the moulded plastic bodies of these products!

Not only is this far more than any of their competition offer, they are the only company to offer these products in

100% food grade virgin materials.

So for the best products and the best peace of mind… Choose Aquaroll



and Wastemaster