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For Example. Someone must have something good to say about our Best Selling Water Heater! The Morco D61E.

We let you know our favourite products on our Meet The Staff page, so now it’s your turn.


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Boiler Comparison

Need a boiler for your Static Caravan? Not sure which one to choose? Hopefully this will help explain the differences for you.

If you’re still stuck, you can call us on 01263 837482, Monday-Friday 9.30-5, to speak to one of our staff members who should be able to assist you in making your choices.

Note: My reference to “Boiler” in these cases means a Water Heater, which primarily heats water for hot taps for washing hands, bodies and plates. All these heaters heat water on demand as they pass through, no holding tanks, so they can supply continuous hot water until the gas runs out!

The Combi Boiler referenced near the end of the article also heats water for central heating/radiators.

Standard Static Caravan

The Standard Static Caravan boiler needs to provide hot water to a shower and two sinks. Our #1 standard heater is the

Morco D61E – £214.99

The very latest 6 litre water heater from Morco

Heats 6 litres of water a minute (meaning plenty for your shower, though temperature may be affected if someone turns another tap on)

Fully Electronic Ignition (takes two batteries to power the ‘spark’ which ignites the boiler, no need for mains electricity)

Very easy to get parts (see our Morco D61 Spares pages)

Can be fitted by most Gas Safe Engineers

Replaces the now discontinued Morco D51 water heaters

If purchasing new, you will need:

A D61E Water Heater

A Fittings Kit (all the nuts, bolts, washers and pipe joinings)

A Flue Kit (You must use the approved flue, it must be vertical and 90mm in diameter)

If your Water Heater is fitted by a Gas Safe Engineer it comes with a 1 year Warranty from Morco.

If you are replacing an existing D51 or D61 Water Heater you will need to check:

– The existing Flue is 90mm diameter and in good condition (some older D51s had an 86mm flue)

– The fittings are in good condition (it may still be worth ordering a replacement Fittings Kit, as washers and bolts can wear out over time)

And the heater should still be installed by a Gas Safe Engineer.


Morco D61B – £209.99

As above, except the slightly older version of the ‘E’. The only real difference being that the ignition is a Piezo ignition (push button) instead of a switch.

Some people prefer to buy the E as it’s the very latest, but you can use the B or the E for exactly the same job. They both have the same Fittings Kit and the same 90mm Flue Kit.


Bosch W1359 – £214.95

Heats 5 litres of water per minute

Fully automatic ignition – battery powered and self ignites when the tap is turned on, no pilot light.

Comes complete with pipe fittings (no extra fittings needed)

Requires a 90mm Flue Kit, just the same as the Morco. It also must be this specific, vertical flue.

Can be fitted by most Gas Safe Engineers

The only differences between the Morco D61s and this heater are:

– The Bosch heats 5 litres per minute as opposed to 6, in practical use this is virtually unnoticeable. The Bosch is still perfectly up to the job of heating water for a standard static set up.

– The Morco heaters are switched on and then run a very low pilot light continuously, the Bosch does not run a pilot light at all as it self ignites when needed.


Static Caravans with Higher Useage Requirements


If your Static Caravan has more than the standard “1 shower/2 sinks” hot water fittings, or if you’re replacing one of these heaters – Morco G101, Morco G111, Bosch W11, Morco G11 or any 11 litre LPG water heater – you will be in the market for an 11 litre water heater, like the following:


Morco G11E – £330

This is the latest version of the G111 and G101. It’s exactly like the Morco D61 except for:

– More Power! Heats 11 litres of water per minute, ideal for high demand needs.

– Bigger Flue – this heater needs a 110mm vertical flue

You will also need a G11 Fittings Kit if you are installing a new heater, and you may want to get one if replacing an older heater in case some parts have worn out.

If your Water Heater is fitted by a Gas Safe Engineer it comes with a 1 year Warranty from Morco.


Bosch W11 – £249.99

The 11 litre version of the W1359 described above.

Heats 11 litres of water per minute.

Requires a 110mm vertical flue. (The same flue as the G11)

Comes complete with all fittings, so no extras needed.

Should be fitted by a Gas Safe Engineer.

Fully automatic ignition – battery powered and self ignites when the tap is turned on, no pilot light.


Non Standard Buildings


Morco F11-EL – £399

This is where things start to get a little more complicated.

Now, this is an 11 litre water heater very much like the G11E. So why the price hike?

If you’re fitting an 11 litre heater to a Static Caravan, you will most likely be perfectly fine with a Morco G11E or a Bosch W11.

BUT if you want to fit to one of the following:

– Straw Bale House

– Barn

– Actual House

– Garage

– Boat

– Catering Wagon

– Shed

– Touring Caravan

– Anything where you need a horizontal flue

– Any Static Caravan where the water heater is not going to go in it’s own, dedicated, cupboard space.

You will need an F11-EL.

Why? Because it’s Room Sealed.

Standard boilers, as above, produce fumes which go straight upwards, through their vertical flue. They have regulations about where they can and cannot be put, there is a minimum space around them, minimum amount of vents and minimum and maximum flue lengths. This is for your safety.

A Room Sealed Heater like the F11-EL is, as the name suggests, sealed so that the fumes can only go through the flue, and they are propelled in the right direction by the addition of fans. This means that you can have a Vertical Flue or a Horizontal Flue with this heater and it is the only type considered safe for any of the above, non standard static (with own boiler cupboard), uses.

You will also need a Fitting Kit with this heater.

If you think you may be able to use a non-sealed water heater for one of the above uses, we strongly recommend you seek the advice of a Gas Safe Engineer. There are ways to do it, provided the regulations are followed properly. We don’t fit these water heaters, so we can’t advise any further than this.

The F11-EL is a state of the art modern appliance. Room sealed for total safety, it can be fitted in virtually any location, including bath and shower rooms.

It has full electronic ignition (without a pilot light) and can operate on extremely low water pressure and flow rates. It does need power, but maximum power consumption is a mere 35 watts, so this appliance could be used on a 12v system with a small inverter in installations such as narrowboats, horseboxes and large motorhomes etc. (A word of warning, although it can be fitted into shower rooms it is not small, so please check you have space before ordering. Dimensions are: Width: 330mm x Depth: 230mm x Height: 595mm.)

The F11-EL model now features an LCD display that shows the temperature of the water being produced and any fault codes.


Central Heating


Morco GB24 – £799

The final heater I’m going to talk about is the Morco GB24.

It is an LPG combination boiler, meaning you will need it if you have water based central heating (radiators) in your Static Caravan.

Rated SEDBUK band C, therefore this combi boiler is suitable for non-domestic static caravan/holiday home use but is NOT suitable for residential or park home use.

It supersedes the Morco FEB-24ED, FEB-20E and Morco FEB-24EUK lpg combi boilers. (This boiler differs from the FEB-24E in that it has a digital display for operating status and fault diagnosis).

These may show as Out of Stock on our website as we do not hold them in stock due to low demand, however we can get them in to order within a couple of days. Please phone us if you would like to order one.


I hope that’s helped you out a bit if you were unsure of your water heater requirements!


Please give us a call on 01263 837482 if you need any more help or advice.


Happy Caravanning!