Which Morco Water Heater Do I Require?

Our most common customer query is, “Which water heater do I require?” or “What is the difference between a Morco D61E and a Morco D61B?”. Therefore we have decided to make a comparison chart which will help enusre you choose the correct water heater. As always, unless you are replacing a similar water heater, you should consult a Gas Safe engineer as to the suitability of a particular heater before ordering. All gas appliances must be installed by a Gas Safe engineer.

Feature D61E D61B G11E F11E FEB24
Open Flued Y Y Y N N
Room Sealed N N N Y Y
Requires 220-240V Electricity N N N Y Y
Pilot Light Y Y Y N
Instantaneous Hot Water Y Y Y Y Y
LPG (propane or butane) Y Y Y Y Y
Horizontal Flue Option N N N Y Y
Vertical Flue Option Y Y Y Y Y
Central Heating Boiler N N N N Y
Max Output 6 l/min 6 l/min 11 l/min 11 l/min 11 l/min