Heading abroad this summer?

May 23rd, 2017

As we head into the main summer season it may be a good idea to get familiar with your camping electrics, especially if you’re going abroad!
Mainland European electricity supply runs at 220V; 10V lower than in Britain thus your appliances will generally not work so efficiently.

With this in mind it is important to plan ahead to ensure you do not overload any site’s electricity supply. Please ensure your requirements do not exceed the amperage reserved for you on your booking.

Site polarity
We recommend that you take a Continental Mains Testing Kit which indicates if reversed polarity is present in your pitch supply. This is quite common, as the electrical switch system in continental units is different to the UK’s; it cuts the power completely from both the live and neutral wires instead of just the live wire.
In the case of reversed polarity the supply enters your UK unit via the neutral instead of the live wire and the appliance remains live when switched off and could give a potentially lethal shock to someone coming in contact with the wiring inside the appliance.

This kit includes the continental hook up but if you would prefer to just buy the continental hook up then this is also available:
Continental Adaptor…..
Now all you need to remember is your passports and sun cream.
Happy days!

Exciting addition to the website is our spares category!

March 21st, 2017

We have added a new category to our website – Spares

Here you will find listed every single spare for a number of well known manufacturers:

Alko – for all of your wheel locks, stabilisers, corner steadies and brakes.

Morco – for every replacement you might need to repair your water heater.

Isabella – if you’re looking to fix up your Isabella awning look no further!

Dometic – supplying spares for your cookers and fridges.

Bosch – Water heater spares.

Thetford – a huge range of spare parts for your Thetford toilets and fridges.

Truma – for all of your water systems, heater and water heater spares.

Many of these products are kept in stock for immediate delivery and some are available to order from our supplier with expected lead times of 3 days….
I think that takes our inventory to way over 7000 products now, phew!

2017 Westfield Awnings – the complete range!

March 14th, 2017

We mentioned some time ago that we have added to our awning range….we are really excited to now supply the complete range of Westfield 2017 awnings!
With both caravan awnings and drive away awnings to choose from we feel confident that you won’t be disappointed!

Westfield Performance Carina
The carina is available in two different sizes the 350 and 420. This awning is easy to use thanks to the excellent advanced air system. This awning has a luxurious look, feel and performance thanks to the Hydrotech XT fabric and many extra features. It also has more flexibility than any other air awning. You can use it in single inflation mode with the optional single inflation point or independent inflation mode: it is up to you. Never before have you had the opportunity to have the cost savings of an independent inflation mode mixed in with the option of a single inflation mode, this awning is a real first.

Westfield Performance Aires
This is a modern awning full of features, amazing views and brilliant new technology. It comes in two sizes 350 and 260. It has large scenic windows providing those views and allowing loads of natural light bringing the outside in. It can also be extended using the optional Annex sold separately.
It features the brand new Hydrotech XT pro fabric which means that this awning is amazingly strong yet lightweight and will last for years.
It has the unique Advanced Air System 2 which is the only system available that gives you the option of single or multiinflation. You can have the cost saving benefits of multiinflation or choose the optional single inflation kit to upgrade it to full single inflation at any time.

Westfield Performance Omega
This is the top of the range air awning that has everything you need and more. The awning is styled just like a traditional awning so much so you will find it hard to believe it is an air awning. It combines the classic good looks of a traditional awning with the ease of use and new technology of an air awning in one perfect package.
It features the brand new amazingly strong Hydrotech XT pro material which gives you unrivalled strength and helps ensure your awning lasts for years. You get the brilliant new Advanced Air System 2 which gives you single inflation from the start. You also get the excellent high specification bravo pump making it easier to inflate than ever before. With storm poles included there are no hidden extras here, you even get a veranda pole giving you more options than ever before. When used with 1 or 2 annexes the living or storage space is increased if required.

Westfield Performance Driveaway Awning High Top
A performance motorhome air awning packed with technology features and additional options. It features the patent pending Advanced Air System which not only gives you ease of use reliability but the option of single inflation or the strength of storm poles. The two large scenic windows give you the perfect outlook and allow an amazing amount of light inside. The oversized canopy is large enough to have a table and chairs under allowing you to really get outside but retain the cover from the elements. The use of the excellent Hydrotech SP fabric means you get the perfect balance between strength and weight making it easy to use and very durable. This awning is also available in ‘Low Top’ for smaller campervans.

Westfield Travel Smart Hydra 300 High Top
The Hydra is an excellent mid sized motorhome awning that is so easy to use erect and live with. It uses the Air Erect System which not only makes it amazingly easy to pump up but is also reliable durable and easy to use. The use of the superb new Hydrotech SL material means that this is extremely lightweight making it even easier to carry store use and erect. It is also quick to dry and UV coated to help prevent damage from the sun and prolong the life of the awning. The addition of the door in the tunnel allows you to enter and exit the awning without walking though the main awning perfect when you have muddy boots and coats.

Other awnings available…..
Westfield Travel Smart Dorado 350
Westfield Travel Smart Gemini 390
Westfield Travel Smart Lynx 200
…and with that (and all of our other awnings from Kampa & Sunncamp) I think we have pretty much got your awning requirements covered this season!

For further information visit our website – Caravan Accessory Shop or call us on 01263 837482

Our local campsite start dates…..

February 28th, 2017

It seems like only yesterday when the campsite owners were saying good bye to their last customers of 2016 yet here we are announcing their opening dates for what will hopefully be a busy season to come!

We have put together a list of some of the most popular sites local to us and in opening date order, simply click on the links for further information:

1st March
Sandy Gulls, Mundesley
Woodhill Holiday Park, East Runton
15th March
Forest Park, Northrepps
17th March
Incleboro Fields, West Runton
Sea Croft, Cromer
24th March
Beeston Regis, Sherringham
30th March
Breck Farm, Weybourne
31st March
Manor Farm, East Runton
1st April
Links Camping & Caravan Park, Mundesley
5th April
Laburnum Carvana Park, West Runton

Well we hope that’s given you a few ideas of where to stay this season, remember to pop into our shop in West Runton for any of those last minute essentials or alternatively get prepared and order on line before you come!

Visit Caravan Accessory Shop, West Runton

What’s New for 2017?

February 21st, 2017

We’re finding it hard to believe that we are fast approaching the new season 2017 – the weather has certainly been feeling spring like of late!
With spring in mind we’re turning our thoughts to our start of season deliveries, Kampa being one of the first on the list and with that comes their new for 2017 range of chairs.
We’re feeling quite excited about the Modena range!
The new quality material gives it a feeling of luxury yet it’s still very affordable!
Take a look at the Kampa Comfort Modena: a versatile and supportive chair for the great outdoors. This is a traditional, classically styled chair, which features an easy-to-use reclining mechanism for comfort and relaxation. Why not make it super comfy by treating yourself to the matching Foot Rest?
Alternatively if you’re looking for a relaxer then the Kampa Opulance Modena offers the ultimate in comfort. A folding reclining chair with bungee cord suspension system which reclines to a fully laid back position. The Opulence has been one of our most popular reclining chairs over the last few years and looks great in the new for 2017 Modena design.
We are adding lot’s more new and exciting products to our already huge range of Caravan and Camping accessories many of which will soon be in stock. Be the first to hear about them here!

Twelve Days of Christmas

December 6th, 2016

As Christmas is just around the corner we thought it would be nice to put together our very own 12 days of Christmas…..be sure to sing along!

On the first day of Christmas Caravan Accessory Shop gave to me a Morco D61Eeeeee

On the second day of Christmas Caravan Accessory Shop gave to me two Windproof Gloves etc….

On the third day of Christmas Caravan Accessory Shop gave to me three Tent Pegs etc….

On the fourth day of Christmas Caravan Accessory Shop gave to me four Roller Catches etc….

On the fifth day of Christmas Caravan Accessory Shop gave to me five O Rings etc….

On the sixth day of Christmas Caravan Accessory Shop gave to me six Air Awnings etc….

On the seventh day of Christmas Caravan Accessory Shop gave to me seven Books For Camping etc….

On the eighth day of Christmas Caravan Accessory Shop gave to me eight Cushioned Flooring etc….

On the ninth day of Christmas Caravan Accessory Shop gave to me nine Boots For Walking etc….

On the tenth day of Christmas Caravan Accessory Shop gave to me ten Airers Drying etc….

On the eleventh day of Christmas Caravan Accessory Shop gave to me eleven Awning Piping etc….

On the twelfth day of Christmas Caravan Accessory Shop gave to me twelve Kettles Whistling etc……

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Successes of 2016…….

November 29th, 2016

This year has been a bumper year for Caravan Accessory Shop. We have seen our range increase to over 7000 products so we thought it would be a good idea to share some of our successes and let you know about some of the new products that we introduced this year.
Over the next couple of blogs we’ll be letting you know which products proved to be great sellers and whats ‘hot’ for the new season 2017!

At the start of the year we were busy adding every Fiamma product (all available to order) – there’s over 280 of them!

So now whether you’re looking for a
Fiamma Draught Skirt (our bestseller by the way)
Fiamma Levelling System
Door Retainers
Loo Rolls and EVERYTHING in between then look no further….we’re a one stop shop when it comes to Fiamma!

We have also increased our Isabella range to include the very popular Shadow Canopies and Windscreens:

Isabella Shadow Canopies
The Isabella Shadow is an excellent choice as a small, lightweight, easy-to-pitch canopy for your caravan. It is a multi-purpose touring canopy, which can be put up quickly no matter where you are. In addition to being mounted on the caravan itself, Shadow can also be used as a side canopy.

The Shadow provides extra shelter and protection against the sun and wind. The strong pins on the poles provide optimal stability, and the metal rings in the roof allow for the optimal tension and secure pitching.

Isabella Windscreens

The Isabella Windscreens provide shelter from unwanted breezes without excluding you from life on the campsite, they’re easy to carry and simple to assemble, and ideally suited for those who like to spend time in the great outdoors.

Windscreens are available in both 3 and 4 sided kits and are supplied with Zinox poles (including rafter poles) or Carbon X poles, guy ropes, pegs and the Stabilo system as standard. The Isabella Stabilo system comprises loose earth spikes and support feet. The system ensures that windscreens remain securely in place at all times.

We have plans already in place for 2017 which will see many more new products including a new range of awnings so watch this space……..

Which Caravan Cover?

November 22nd, 2016

With more and more products on the market these days it’s difficult to know which Caravan Cover will be right for you.

We stock a comprehensive range of winter caravan covers here at Caravan Accessory Shop.

Our range includes:

The traditional style Kampa Prestige Cover – with a 2 year warranty – in green.

Caravan Top Covers – lightweight and quick to fit, these covers are ideal when your caravan is parked or stored under trees.

New for this year is the Crusader Cover Pro:

The CoverPRO range of caravan covers are perfect for winter storage or simply to protect your caravan when it is not in use. These premium caravan covers provide excellent protection for the extremes of British weather and have several enhanced features over traditional covers:

4-Layer Protection – the outer layers are strong and durable and protect from harmful UV rays. The middle layer’s breathable film allows vapour to escape whilst keeping out the rain. The inner layer is soft but non-abrasive so it will not scratch the caravan.

4 Corner Zips – allowing easy access to any door position with velcro reinforcement.

Vents – additional hooded vents at the top for added ventilation and breathability.

Strong Adjustable Straps – at front, back and sides for windproof fit

Reflective Bands on Front and Rear – for increased visibility and safety

Free Carry Bag – durable for convenient storage

Free Matching Hitch Cover – 4-ply protection and quick release straps

There is a Caravan Cover to suit all size and type of caravan, from the smallest at 14′ to the largest at 25′ so don’t delay and get your caravan protected today!

Get prepared for Winter!

November 7th, 2016

Here is our quick guide to our top 6 caravan winterising products. Essential items for protecting your investment over the winter months.

1: Covers:  To protect your caravan against the elements, UV, dust and bird lime use a caravan cover. We offer three types: traditional full size caravan covers, lightweight caravan covers and also covers for just the top of the caravan.

2. Vent Covers: If storing your caravan in an exposed area it is a good idea to cover your vents with winter covers – otherwise leave open to allow for air circulation.

3. Leisure Batteries: Disconnect your leisure battery during the winter months and keep it topped up with a trickle charger or Smart Charger.

5. Moisture Absorbers: Position a moisture absorber in the centre of your caravan, or ideally one in each room to
protect against condensation, damp and mildew during the winter months. The large damp buster is ideal for the main room and can be left for months before it needs emptying. Mini moisture traps are ideal for the bathroom or wardrobes.

6. Security: Protect your investment this winter – at Caravan Accessory Shop we have everything you need to secure your caravan. Wheel clamps, hitch locks and security devices. A Sold Secure lock on your caravan can lower insurance premiums and provide piece of mind whilst you are away from your caravan. We also stock caravan alarm systems and a range of caravan security door locks.

For further information on how to get prepared for winter see the Winterisation section on our website.

Winter Opening Hours

October 31st, 2016

That’s it!

The clocks have changed and so marks then end of the summer season 2016 and what a busy one it was…..

Our new winter opening hours are now 09:30 – 17:00 Monday to Saturday and closed on Sundays.

That however doesn’t mean we are slowing down – we are already busy placing orders for next year which sees us adding yet more products to our already extensive range of camping and caravanning accessories.

We are getting new 2017 awnings in from Kampa and Quest, many being available from February (That’s a first!).

Business will still continue as usual throughout the winter months as we continue to send out many on line orders to sunnier climes and of course the tough ones among us still like to do some caravanning throughout these cooler months!

For those who are not quite feeling the winter touring you may be looking at closing down the caravan until next year, if so then keep an eye out for our next blog – Winterisation.

We stock all kinds of products that will help keep your caravan in good shape over winter, more to follow……..

For now though…..Happy Halloweeeeen