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Highlander Up In 2 Tent (Blue/Grey)

Highlander Up In 2 Tent (Blue/Grey) [Product Id: 7962]

Quick pitch single skin tent is ideal for summer camping and festivals. This pop-up tent can be set up in just 2 minutes… More info



Portable Gas Heater

Portable Gas Heater [Product Id: 1083]

A compact gas heater for outdoor use which operates from disposable 227g gas canisters (readily available from any campi… More info



DLX Map Compass

DLX Map Compass [Product Id: 2923]



Highlander Sleepline 300M Sleeping Bag

Highlander Sleepline 300M Sleeping Bag [Product Id: 4202]

2-3 season mummy-style sleeping bag for temperatures between 12°C and -3°C. More info



Highlander Hiker Rucksack 40L (Blue)

Highlander Hiker Rucksack 40L (Blue) [Product Id: 5086]



Gas Light Mantles (3)

Gas Light Mantles (3) [Product Id: 149]

3 quality international standard mantles. Universal, compatible with most cartridge type gas lanterns. More info



Butane/Propane Cartridge 190g

Butane/Propane Cartridge 190g [Product Id: 139]



Highlander Comfort Camper Mat (Pink)

Highlander Comfort Camper Mat (Pink) [Product Id: 6182]

Sturdy and comfortable anti-slip camping mat with dimpled texture (for conservation of body heat). Material: EVA Foam … More info



Highlander HPX100 Compact Stove

Highlander HPX100 Compact Stove [Product Id: 3979]

Extremely lightweight and portable gas stove which operates from universal disposable gas canisters. The HPX100 is our s… More info



Highlander Explorer Walking Pole 60 - 100cm

Highlander Explorer Walking Pole 60 - 100cm [Product Id: 4688]

A high-performance anti-shock walking pole. Lightweight, yet superbly strong, this walking pole takes the strain out of … More info



Highlander Sleepline 250 Sleeping Bag (Grape)

Highlander Sleepline 250 Sleeping Bag (Grape) [Product Id: 9030]

From Highlander's best-selling range of sleeping bags, the Sleepline 250 is the perfect choice for summer camping and fe… More info



Sleeping Bag Liner (Rectangular)

Sleeping Bag Liner (Rectangular) [Product Id: 2924]

A good sleeping bag liner is essential if you want to prolong the life of your bag. A sleeping bag liner will also provi… More info



Highlander Envelope Sleeping Bag (Navy Blue)

Highlander Envelope Sleeping Bag (Navy Blue) [Product Id: 3407]

Budget one-season adults full size sleeping bag complete with stuff sack with built in draw string top. Great value rect… More info



Highlander Hydration Pack 1.5l

Highlander Hydration Pack 1.5l [Product Id: 8170]

If you are a keen hiker or walker, then this hydration pack is ideal for taking with you for storing your water and some… More info



Shock Cord Kit

Shock Cord Kit [Product Id: 7958]

More info



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