Hitchman, the makers of Aquaroll and Wastemaster - the caravanner's choice of rolling water and waste containers.

If there is a Hitchman product you would like that we do not currently list, please contact us with the Hitchman part number for price and availability.

For further technical information about any product, visit the Hitchman website.

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    Aquaroll Mains Adaptor Kit

    Aquaroll Mains Adaptor Kit [Product Id: 1060]

    The Aquaroll mains adaptor makes filling up your water container at a tap a thing of the past - attaches directly to a m… More info



    Aquaroll 40ltr (Beige)

    Aquaroll 40ltr (Beige) [Product Id: 49]

    Why carry your water when you can roll it?! The Aquaroll is the original rolling water carrier, designed and manufacture… More info



    Wastemaster (Beige)

    Wastemaster (Beige) [Product Id: 995]

    From the makers of Aquaroll. The Wastemaster is a superior waste water container and will slide under most caravans and … More info



    Aquaroll Filter

    Aquaroll Filter [Product Id: 4855]

    The Aquaroll Filter prevents the formation of biofilms in your entire water system at the source. All this is achieved w… More info



    Aquaroll Filler Tube

    Aquaroll Filler Tube [Product Id: 3469]

    As supplied with Aquarolls, this water fill-up tube makes an easy job of filling your Aquaroll (or other water container… More info



    Aquaroll Cap 80mm

    Aquaroll Cap 80mm [Product Id: 50]

    Genuine spare cap to suit Hitchman's Aquaroll or Wastemaster. 80mm diameter. Please note: may not be suitable for older … More info



    Aquaroll 40 Litre Spare Tyre

    Aquaroll 40 Litre Spare Tyre [Product Id: 5885]



    Aquaroll End Sockets (2)

    Aquaroll End Sockets (2) [Product Id: 2750]

    Replacement end sockets for the Aquaroll. These are the black sockets that the Aquaroll handle fits into. More info



    Aquaroll Mains Adaptor Ball Valve Service Kit

    Aquaroll Mains Adaptor Ball Valve Service Kit [Product Id: 2167]

    Service kit for Aquaroll mains adaptor ball valves. More info



    Aquaroll Tap

    Aquaroll Tap [Product Id: 1062]

    Specially sized tap to fit the Aquaroll. 80mm (fits Aquarolls made after 1992). More info



    Aquaroll Handle

    Aquaroll Handle [Product Id: 1061]

    Replacement handle to fit 29 or 40 litre Aquarolls. Please note: will only fit Aquarolls manufactured after 1992. More info



    Wastemaster Superclean 250ml

    Wastemaster Superclean 250ml [Product Id: 1149]

    For thorough cleaning of waste water containers. More info



    Aquaroll Stand 40L

    Aquaroll Stand 40L [Product Id: 2100]



    Wastemaster (Silver)

    Wastemaster (Silver) [Product Id: 3454]



    Aquaroll 40 litre (Silver)

    Aquaroll 40 litre (Silver) [Product Id: 3479]



    Aquaroll Pump Connection 40ltr 80mm

    Aquaroll Pump Connection 40ltr 80mm [Product Id: 5671]



    Aquaroll Pump Connector 80mm 29ltr

    Aquaroll Pump Connector 80mm 29ltr [Product Id: 5874]



    Aquaroll 80mm Cap Straps (2)

    Aquaroll 80mm Cap Straps (2) [Product Id: 5939]



    Aquaroll Mains Adaptor Extension Hose - Replacement Connectors

    Aquaroll Mains Adaptor Extension Hose - Replacement Connectors [Product Id: 7256]



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