SunnCamp specialise in family camping products. They also supply a large of gas products under the SunnGas brand.

If there is a SunnCamp product you would like that we do not currently list, please contact us with the SunnCamp part number for price and availability.

For further technical information about any product, visit the SunnCamp website.

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SunnCamp Super Armchair (Grape)

SunnCamp Super Armchair (Grape) [Product Id: 2329]

Deluxe folding steel armchair with aluminium armrests, padded seat and backrest. Approx. size: 66 x 59 x 49/103cm. Appro… More info



SunnCamp Compact BBQ

SunnCamp Compact BBQ [Product Id: 2360]

Cleverly designed barbecue that folds virtually flat when not in use. Extremely easy to store and transport. Size: 24 x … More info



Deluxe Circular BBQ (Various Colours)

Deluxe Circular BBQ (Various Colours) [Product Id: 2361]



Snappy Cap

Snappy Cap [Product Id: 2438]



Large Plastic Sledge (Red)

Large Plastic Sledge (Red) [Product Id: 2801]

Fun, handy sledge for use in snow or sand. Fitted reins for added control. More info



Comfy Sitting Mat

Comfy Sitting Mat [Product Id: 2844]



Toilet Seat Covers

Toilet Seat Covers [Product Id: 2845]

Pack of 6 disposable toilet seat covers. Ideal for camping, festivals and when travelling. More info



Kids Folding Chair (Blue)

Kids Folding Chair (Blue) [Product Id: 3059]

Brightly coloured camping armchair for kids. With safety locking mechanism to prevent collapsing. Ideal for the beach, c… More info



Ladder Band Extension (10)

Ladder Band Extension (10) [Product Id: 3132]



SunnCamp Sun Lounger

SunnCamp Sun Lounger [Product Id: 3244]



Tent Lighting String 5m

Tent Lighting String 5m [Product Id: 3550]

5 metre long, 40 LED, battery operated string lights. Fantastic for decorating your tent, caravan or bedroom. More info



SunnCamp Super Armchair (Black)

SunnCamp Super Armchair (Black) [Product Id: 3628]



SunnCamp Concertina Camp Bed

SunnCamp Concertina Camp Bed [Product Id: 3629]

The Conertina Camp Bed can be set up and taken down in a matter of seconds and will provide a comfortable night's sleep. More info



Picnic Table 51.5cm x 37cm (White)

Picnic Table 51.5cm x 37cm (White) [Product Id: 3630]



Double Inflatable Chair

Double Inflatable Chair [Product Id: 3631]

Deluxe inflatable chair for two people - ideal for use inside a tent or awning. Made from strong, durable PVC with a sof… More info



Tent Dust Pan and Brush Set

Tent Dust Pan and Brush Set [Product Id: 3637]

Compact dust pan and brush set - ideal for use in your tent or awning. Please note: colour may vary. More info



SunnCamp Roof Support Pole 260cm

SunnCamp Roof Support Pole 260cm [Product Id: 4183]

Awning roof bar suitable for SunnCamp Ultima 260 awnings and other makes of awning with roof bars. More info



SunnCamp Large Circular BBQ (Silver)

SunnCamp Large Circular BBQ (Silver) [Product Id: 4186]



SunnCamp Rotonde Deluxe 350 Awning

SunnCamp Rotonde Deluxe 350 Awning [Product Id: 4273]

The Sunncamp Rotonde 350 is the Deluxe version of this popular awning. It is a spacious and lightweight awning with larg… More info



Trailer Tent Under Bed Inner Tent

Trailer Tent Under Bed Inner Tent [Product Id: 4333]

2 berth inner tent designed to fit under the bed area of a trailer tent. Comes complete with drawstring bag for storage. More info



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