W4 supply specialised products to the camping, caravan and marine trade - and have been doing so for over 40 years.

If there is a W4 product you would like that we do not currently list, please contact us with the W4 part number for price and availability.

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Hella-Type Single Pole Plug and Socket

Hella-Type Single Pole Plug and Socket [Product Id: 2727]

High quality DC Hella/Continental-type power plug and surface mounted power socket. The unit has a Hella-type plug and c… More info



Collet Clip (Red) (5)

Collet Clip (Red) (5) [Product Id: 4933]

These collet locking clips from W4 have been designed to prevent accidental release of the pipe when using standard spee… More info



Inner Tent Hooks 25mm (3)

Inner Tent Hooks 25mm (3) [Product Id: 4500]

Pack of 3 hooks to enable an inner tent to be hung from 25mm (1 inch) awning poles. Ideal for spares or replacements. … More info



Tent Pole Spring Joints (3)

Tent Pole Spring Joints (3) [Product Id: 902]

This pack of pole joiners from W4 is perfect for joining your awning or tent poles. The pack contains 3 pieces and is pe… More info



Two Way Adaptor 12mm

Two Way Adaptor 12mm [Product Id: 4891]



Awning Rail Spreader

Awning Rail Spreader [Product Id: 2555]

This awning rail spreader from W4 is specially designed to remove bumps and blockages in the awning rail. Simply insert … More info



Mains Tester

Mains Tester [Product Id: 3725]

A necessary item for electrical safety in caravans and boats which are wired for mains use. Considered essential on the … More info



Easi 2 Drain

Easi 2 Drain [Product Id: 6147]



Inner Tent Suspension Bands (5)

Inner Tent Suspension Bands (5) [Product Id: 497]

This set of tent suspension bands from W4 come as a pack of 5. They are used for hanging inner tents inside awnings. A d… More info



Tent Peg Extractor Deluxe

Tent Peg Extractor Deluxe [Product Id: 637]

This tent peg extractor from W4 is the perfect solution for all your camping needs. The strong sprung steel construction… More info



Halogen Bulb G4 12V 5W (2)

Halogen Bulb G4 12V 5W (2) [Product Id: 2643]

This pack of halogen bulbs from W4 have been designed for all your lighting needs and are perfect as spares or replaceme… More info



W4 Cupboard Locker Door Catch

W4 Cupboard Locker Door Catch [Product Id: 7915]

More info



Press Stud Closing Tool

Press Stud Closing Tool [Product Id: 1346]

This awning stud closing tool from W4 has been designed for use with awning poppers (code 37662). They allow for the sec… More info



W4 Mini Catch Strike Plate 11mm

W4 Mini Catch Strike Plate 11mm [Product Id: 7913]

Striker plate for mini catch 11mm from W4. As used by Explorer, Lunar and others. More info



Bulb 12V 15W 15S

Bulb 12V 15W 15S [Product Id: 123]

This is one of our most popular 12 Volt light bulbs, commonly used in caravan spot lights. The constant development of c… More info



Plastic Door Retainer

Plastic Door Retainer [Product Id: 654]

This plastic door retainer and clip from W4 has been designed to securely hold your caravan doors open. It prevents cara… More info



W4 Cupboard Stay Large

W4 Cupboard Stay Large [Product Id: 2637]

This large cupboard stay from W4 is the perfect accessory for your caravan or motorhome. It has been designed as a secur… More info



WD Barrel Lock

WD Barrel Lock [Product Id: 2810]

This WD barrel lock from W4 is a perfect replacement for your caravan or motorhome. The unit is complete with a handy to… More info



Continental Mains Testing Kit

Continental Mains Testing Kit [Product Id: 3726]

All you need to test the site supply at source, both in the UK and Europe. Especially useful for testing for polarity re… More info



Elasticated Cord 5m (White)

Elasticated Cord 5m (White) [Product Id: 315]

This elasticated cord from W4 is 5 metres in length and 2.5mm in thickness. Perfect as a spare or replacement pack. Suit… More info



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