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Awning Bracket Pads (2)

Awning Bracket Pads (2) [Product Id: 1957]

A pack of two large awning bracket pads, designed to prevent damage and marks on your caravan wall. Simply clamp the bra… More info



Isabella Fix-On 2 Bracket (1 pc)

Isabella Fix-On 2 Bracket (1 pc) [Product Id: 1217]

The Isabella Fix-On 2 brackets can be used flat or stepped (by simply switching the two pads around). The stepped bracke… More info



Trifix Awning Bracket (Grey)

Trifix Awning Bracket (Grey) [Product Id: 3425]

Trifix easy set up Caravan awning pad for connecting awning poles to your Caravan. Please note, colour of bracket is now… More info



Screw-On Awning Brackets (2)

Screw-On Awning Brackets (2) [Product Id: 55]

This pair of awning pole brackets from W4 comes complete with stainless steel screws. Each pack contains 2 brackets and … More info



Awning Bracket Pad Stepped (2)

Awning Bracket Pad Stepped (2) [Product Id: 2120]

New-style stepped awning bracket pad designed for attaching awnings to caravans such as the Bailey Pegasus. … More info



Awning Pole Sucker 3/4 inch

Awning Pole Sucker 3/4 inch [Product Id: 70]

One replacement rubber sucker for awning poles. Will fit 3/4" (19mm) and 7/8" (22mm) poles. More info



Awning Bracket Pad

Awning Bracket Pad [Product Id: 1462]

Bracket pad as supplied with Pyramid and Crusader awnings but can also be used with any other awning. More info



Quest Awning Bracket Pad (1)

Quest Awning Bracket Pad (1) [Product Id: 3677]

Single awning pole bracket pad. Suitable for Quest awnings but will fit other makes too. More info



Awning Pole Suckers 3/4" (2)

Awning Pole Suckers 3/4" (2) [Product Id: 71]



Awning Pole Sucker 1"

Awning Pole Sucker 1" [Product Id: 1139]



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