Because of our coastal location we stock a large range of beach goods. So, rather than paying top prices on holiday, buy all your beach equipment this year before you go! We stock traditional buckets and spades, cricket sets, beach tents and shelters, beach shoes, aqua shoes and sandals, body boards, cricket sets, fishing nets, folding chairs, picnic rugs, lilos, dog leads and even sun cream!

Beach Products

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Safety Crab Line 20m

Safety Crab Line 20m [Product Id: 6298]

This may be called a 'crab line', but don't be fooled, it's suitable for any budding Fisherperson to use for crabs, praw… More info



Shield Spade 29" (Marble)

Shield Spade 29" (Marble) [Product Id: 6299]

Great for trips to the beach or playing in your sandpit in the back garden. Sturdy wooden handle. More info



Highlander Beach Chair (Olive Green)

Highlander Beach Chair (Olive Green) [Product Id: 8210]

A low comfortable and sturdy folding chair. Ideal for fishing or sitting outside enjoying the sun. More info



Highlander Loch Lomond Summer Shelter

Highlander Loch Lomond Summer Shelter [Product Id: 9409]

A lightweight shelter for mild to normal weather. A lightweight, half-dome shelter provides protection from sun and win… More info



Beach Shelter 210 x 120 x 120cm

Beach Shelter 210 x 120 x 120cm [Product Id: 1268]



Windbreak Pole with Spike

Windbreak Pole with Spike [Product Id: 1951]



I-Spy At The Seaside

I-Spy At The Seaside [Product Id: 2160]



Deluxe Windbreak 9 pole (Sand/Grey)

Deluxe Windbreak 9 pole (Sand/Grey) [Product Id: 2512]



Urban Beach Towel

Urban Beach Towel [Product Id: 3134]



Fold Flat Outdoor Seat

Fold Flat Outdoor Seat [Product Id: 3580]



Kampa Sandy Low Chair (Charcoal)

Kampa Sandy Low Chair (Charcoal) [Product Id: 5350]



Beach Dumper Truck Set

Beach Dumper Truck Set [Product Id: 6295]



Beach Castle Bucket Set with Spade & Shapes

Beach Castle Bucket Set with Spade & Shapes [Product Id: 8077]



Beach Mermaid Bucket Set 8pc

Beach Mermaid Bucket Set 8pc [Product Id: 8078]



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