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Waste Container 23l (Black)

Waste Container 23l (Black) [Product Id: 991]

Black waste water container with side filler - can be stood up or layed flat. 23 litre capacity. More info



Beach Windbreak 4 pole (Bright Stripe)

Beach Windbreak 4 pole (Bright Stripe) [Product Id: 1022]

Fortify your pitch with this bright and colourful windbreak. Excellent value, multi-coloured polythene windbreak with 4 … More info



Table Clip with Cup Holder (Various Colours)

Table Clip with Cup Holder (Various Colours) [Product Id: 3659]

Brightly coloured clips that clip on to (almost) any table, providing a convenient place to put your glass. Ideal for us… More info



Side Panels for Quest Screenhouse 6 (pair) (2017 Beige Colour)

Side Panels for Quest Screenhouse 6 (pair) (2017 Beige Colour) [Product Id: 6664]

A pair of side walls for the Screenhouse 6, to provide extra privacy, extra cover and added protection from the sun. The… More info



Kampa Portaflush 20l

Kampa Portaflush 20l [Product Id: 2534]

The Kampa Portaflush 20 is a compact flushing toilet, designed for camping trips, caravans and motorhomes. The portable … More info



Aqua Clean Tabs (32)

Aqua Clean Tabs (32) [Product Id: 38]

Wherever you go, at home or abroad, guard against illness causes by contaminated stored water. Aqua Clean Tabs destroy o… More info



Acrylic Wine Glass (Lime)

Acrylic Wine Glass (Lime) [Product Id: 3813]

A high quality acrylic wine glass with a touch of class. Smooth lines and a lime colour base make this an eye-catching g… More info



Brunner Mini Trolley

Brunner Mini Trolley [Product Id: 5016]

Folding trolley with telescopic folding frame and plastic joints. More info



Kampa Thermo-Electric Cooler 25 litre 12V

Kampa Thermo-Electric Cooler 25 litre 12V [Product Id: 8548]

Electric cool box which is large enough for a 2 litre bottle to stand up. Cools to 20°C below the ambient temperatur… More info



Fill Up Hose 1m

Fill Up Hose 1m [Product Id: 345]

Why struggle to hold an increasingly heavy water container up to a tap? It's hard work. This fill-up tube and tap connec… More info



Happy Bowl Toilet Liners (50)

Happy Bowl Toilet Liners (50) [Product Id: 3269]

These biodegradable toilet liners are guaranteed to keep your caravan, motorhome or RV's toilet bowl sparkling clean and… More info



Splash Water Carrier 23 Litre

Splash Water Carrier 23 Litre [Product Id: 2906]

This heavy duty and rigid water carrier is perfect for your camping holidays. It has a strong, integrated carry handle a… More info



Windbreak Pole with Spike

Windbreak Pole with Spike [Product Id: 1951]



Hooped Ground Bar Stake

Hooped Ground Bar Stake [Product Id: 3615]

Heavy duty ground anchor. Ideal for securing ground bars on marquees, gazebos and party tents. Can also be used to secur… More info




Aquacap [Product Id: 47]

A dust cover for use on water container outlets when using submersible pumps. Prevents dirt and insects etc. entering th… More info



Puriclean 100g

Puriclean 100g [Product Id: 699]

Puriclean removes dirt, bacteria, algae and moulds from your water system. One 100g container of Puriclean will clean a … More info



Kampa Khazi Toilet with Toilet Roll Holder

Kampa Khazi Toilet with Toilet Roll Holder [Product Id: 1665]

A very popular basic toilet, designed for camping and caravanning. The 5 litre removable waste bucket is chemical-free, … More info



Bike Cover

Bike Cover [Product Id: 3602]

This heavy duty bike cover from Kampa is designed to protect your bike from dust, damp and dirt while it's not in use, k… More info



Bag for Mains Lead

Bag for Mains Lead [Product Id: 81]

Bag for neatly storing your 10, 15, 20 or 25 metre mains lead. More info



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