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A great range of camping equipment and accessories from Caravan Accessory Shop.

Camping Products

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Tablecloth Clamps (6)

Tablecloth Clamps (6) [Product Id: 4112]

Keep your tablecloth in place, even in windy conditions, with this pack of six handy table cloth clamps. These stainless… More info



Mosquito Coils (10)

Mosquito Coils (10) [Product Id: 600]

Pack of ten mosquito coils with two metal stands. Each coil will last up to 8 hours. More info



W4 Cord Lock (2)

W4 Cord Lock (2) [Product Id: 4941]

This pack of cord locks from W4 is the perfect accessory to keep in your caravan or motorhome, or even camping. With a s… More info



Mains Hook Up Lead 10m

Mains Hook Up Lead 10m [Product Id: 568]

A simple and safe way to connect to the electricity at the campsite and get power to your caravan, motorhome or tent. On… More info



Portable Gas Heater

Portable Gas Heater [Product Id: 1083]

A compact gas heater for outdoor use which operates from disposable 227g gas canisters (readily available from any campi… More info



Kampa Khazi Toilet with Toilet Roll Holder

Kampa Khazi Toilet with Toilet Roll Holder [Product Id: 1665]

A very popular basic toilet, designed for camping and caravanning. The 5 litre removable waste bucket is chemical-free, … More info



Combination Padlock

Combination Padlock [Product Id: 2623]

This combination padlock from W4 has been designed to give you added security. Small, 3-digit combination padlock, ideal… More info



Plastic Canopy Hooks (3)

Plastic Canopy Hooks (3) [Product Id: 2672]

These plastic canopy hooks from W4 come in a pack of 3. They are ideal for use as hook-on trailer ties. Perfect as a spa… More info



Kampa Khazi Toilet Cover

Kampa Khazi Toilet Cover [Product Id: 2907]

A made-to-measure toilet cover for the Kampa Khazi portable toilet. This protective cover keeps your Kampa Khazi discret… More info



Shower Friend

Shower Friend [Product Id: 3380]

The Shower Friend is a clever gadget which means no more "pushing that button" when taking a shower at the swimming bath… More info



Coolbox Stand

Coolbox Stand [Product Id: 3577]

Very quick and easy sturdy Coolbox stand, allows you to safely and securely move your large cool box or camping fridge f… More info



Bike Cover

Bike Cover [Product Id: 3602]

This heavy duty bike cover from Kampa is designed to protect your bike from dust, damp and dirt while it's not in use, k… More info



Brunner Mini Trolley

Brunner Mini Trolley [Product Id: 5016]

Folding trolley with telescopic folding frame and plastic joints. More info



Quest Elite Large Instant Utility Tent 2.5m x 2.5m x 2.1m

Quest Elite Large Instant Utility Tent 2.5m x 2.5m x 2.1m [Product Id: 6661]

The Quest Elite Large Instant Utility Tent takes just seconds to erect. There is nothing to assemble, nothing to put tog… More info



Side Panels for Quest Screenhouse 4 (1 pair) (Beige)

Side Panels for Quest Screenhouse 4 (1 pair) (Beige) [Product Id: 6665]

A pair of side walls for the Screenhouse 4, to provide extra privacy, extra cover and added protection from the sun. The… More info



Kampa Collapsible Laundry Basket (Blue)

Kampa Collapsible Laundry Basket (Blue) [Product Id: 8561]

A very handy camping laundry hamper, with handles which folds/collapses when not in use. More info



Kampa Fluorescent Guyline Reel 4mm x 20m

Kampa Fluorescent Guyline Reel 4mm x 20m [Product Id: 8651]

Replacement high visibility fluorescent guy line for your tent or awning. 4mm thick. 20m long. Supplied on plastic reel.… More info



Dometic U22DC Cool Box 22L 12V

Dometic U22DC Cool Box 22L 12V [Product Id: 8863]

Superior-quality thermoelectric cool box with 22 litre capacity. Operates from a 12 volt power source - cigar plug conne… More info



Travel Mug 400ml (Various colours)

Travel Mug 400ml (Various colours) [Product Id: 1270]

Double insulated wall mug. Keeps drinks warm or cold when travelling. Ideal for camping. More info



Jumbo Snap Hook

Jumbo Snap Hook [Product Id: 1453]

A giant carabiner style hook, useful for many applications in your caravan or motorhome. NOT to be used for climbing. More info



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