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Windbreak Pole with Spike

Windbreak Pole with Spike [Product Id: 1951]



Bushman Insect Repellent Pump Spray 100ml

Bushman Insect Repellent Pump Spray 100ml [Product Id: 6387]

Bushman Insect Repellent is an adult strength repellent, which provides hours of effective protection from biting insect… More info



Mosquito Coil Holder

Mosquito Coil Holder [Product Id: 2429]

Holder for mosquito coils. More info




Aquacap [Product Id: 47]

A dust cover for use on water container outlets when using submersible pumps. Prevents dirt and insects etc. entering th… More info



Salt and Pepper Shaker

Salt and Pepper Shaker [Product Id: 4111]

An all-in-one salt and pepper shaker, designed to be both lightweight and tough, making it perfect for taking on picnics… More info



Can Opener Standard

Can Opener Standard [Product Id: 154]

Traditional-style can opener. A tried and tested design that works! More info



Aqua Mini Tabs (40)

Aqua Mini Tabs (40) [Product Id: 4315]

Each Aqua Mini Tab will purify 1 litre of water - ideal for emergency treatment of drinking water whilst travelling. More info



Salt & Pepper Holder

Salt & Pepper Holder [Product Id: 755]

Store salt and pepper in the same holder with this handy camping item, great for when space is limited! Salt is kept at … More info



Egg Carrier

Egg Carrier [Product Id: 2250]

Plastic egg storage box holds up to 6 eggs at one time. The safe way to transport and store eggs whilst caravanning and … More info



Breathable Windbreak Bag

Breathable Windbreak Bag [Product Id: 6369]

More info



Gel Ice Pack 400ml

Gel Ice Pack 400ml [Product Id: 3623]

Effective alternative to conventional ice packs to improve cool bag performance. Slim design to take up less space in yo… More info



Long Fly Swatter

Long Fly Swatter [Product Id: 6529]

More info



Fly Swatter

Fly Swatter [Product Id: 2069]

Swat flies in seconds! No poisons and harmless to children and pets. Easy and simple to use to use. Please note: Price i… More info



Toilet Seat Covers

Toilet Seat Covers [Product Id: 2845]

Pack of 6 disposable toilet seat covers. Ideal for camping, festivals and when travelling. More info



12V Portable Shower

12V Portable Shower [Product Id: 1489]

12V or battery powered portable shower which is ideal for camping and leisure activities. More info



Kampa Portaflush 10l

Kampa Portaflush 10l [Product Id: 1653]

The Kampa Portaflush 10 is a compact flushing toilet, designed for camping trips, caravans and motorhomes. The portable … More info



Lulu XL Toilet Tent

Lulu XL Toilet Tent [Product Id: 2014]

Toilet tent with the following features:Poles: Fibreglass Weight: 2.35kg Dimensions: 120cm x 120cm Height: 225cmEXTRA FE… More info



Combination Padlock

Combination Padlock [Product Id: 2623]

This combination padlock from W4 has been designed to give you added security. Small, 3-digit combination padlock, ideal… More info



Plastic Canopy Hooks (3)

Plastic Canopy Hooks (3) [Product Id: 2672]

These plastic canopy hooks from W4 come in a pack of 3. They are ideal for use as hook-on trailer ties. Perfect as a spa… More info



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