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Tablecloth Clamps (6)

Tablecloth Clamps (6) [Product Id: 4112]

Keep your tablecloth in place, even in windy conditions, with this pack of six handy table cloth clamps. These stainless… More info



Buzz Off Food Cover (2)

Buzz Off Food Cover (2) [Product Id: 4744]

These classic pop-up mesh covers will protect food from insects when you're dining outdoors. More info



Keg Collapsible Water Container 3.5 Litre

Keg Collapsible Water Container 3.5 Litre [Product Id: 4746]

This popular water container from Kampa holds 3.5 litres of water and will collapse down for compact storage. It is easy… More info



Kampa Khazi Toilet Cover

Kampa Khazi Toilet Cover [Product Id: 2907]

A made-to-measure toilet cover for the Kampa Khazi portable toilet. This protective cover keeps your Kampa Khazi discret… More info



Zebedee 1W LED Lantern

Zebedee 1W LED Lantern [Product Id: 4738]

The Zebedee is a pocket-sized, LED lantern and torch. The LED lantern is highly powered, lightweight and collapsible, ma… More info



Cool Box Light

Cool Box Light [Product Id: 4992]

The Coghlans Cooler light can be fitted to virtually all hinged lid cool boxes enabling your camping fridge to light up … More info



Quest Log Candle

Quest Log Candle [Product Id: 6300]



Kampa Fluorescent Guyline (20)

Kampa Fluorescent Guyline (20) [Product Id: 8651]

Replacement guy line for your tent or awning. More info



Gel Ice Pack 400ml

Gel Ice Pack 400ml [Product Id: 3623]

Effective alternative to conventional ice packs to improve cool bag performance. Slim design to take up less space in yo… More info



Aqua Mini Tabs (40)

Aqua Mini Tabs (40) [Product Id: 4315]

Each Aqua Mini Tab will purify 1 litre of water - ideal for emergency treatment of drinking water whilst travelling. More info



Kampa 12V Cool Box Lead

Kampa 12V Cool Box Lead [Product Id: 2898]

Replacement 12V lead for Kampa 25 litre and 30 litre thermo-electric coolers. May also fit other compatible coolers (but… More info



Gel Ice Pack 800ml

Gel Ice Pack 800ml [Product Id: 4967]

Large ultra flat ice pack enabling you to store more food in your cool box or bag! Meets all requirements for use in the… More info



Fly Swatter (various colours)

Fly Swatter (various colours) [Product Id: 2069]

Swat flies in seconds! No poisons and harmless to children and pets. Easy and simple to use to use. Please note: Price i… More info



Combination Padlock

Combination Padlock [Product Id: 2623]

This combination padlock from W4 has been designed to give you added security. Small, 3-digit combination padlock, ideal… More info



Plastic Canopy Hooks (3)

Plastic Canopy Hooks (3) [Product Id: 2672]

These plastic canopy hooks from W4 come in a pack of 3. They are ideal for use as hook-on trailer ties. Perfect as a spa… More info



Coolbox Stand

Coolbox Stand [Product Id: 3577]

Very quick and easy sturdy Coolbox stand, allows you to safely and securely move your large cool box or camping fridge f… More info



W4 Cord Lock (2)

W4 Cord Lock (2) [Product Id: 4941]

This pack of cord locks from W4 is the perfect accessory to keep in your caravan or motorhome, or even camping. With a s… More info



Mosquito Netting 1m x 1m

Mosquito Netting 1m x 1m [Product Id: 6554]

Perfect for all your travel adventures. Quickest and easiest way to secure is with enclosed attachment pads, which allow… More info



Side Panels for Screenhouse 4 (pair)

Side Panels for Screenhouse 4 (pair) [Product Id: 6665]

A pair of side walls for the Screenhouse 4, to provide extra privacy, extra cover and added protection from the sun. The… More info



Quest Screen House 4+4

Quest Screen House 4+4 [Product Id: 8509]



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