Gas & Equipment

Gas & Equipment
We stock all the gas, fittings and regulators you will need for cooking on gas this summer. At our shop in West Runton (North Norfolk) we have a full range of Camping Gaz and Calor gas bottles available for collection.

Gas & Equipment Products

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Truma Gas Level Check

Truma Gas Level Check [Product Id: 3289]

Finally, an accurate gas level indicator! The Truma Level Check is used on the exterior of any standard gas cylinder (wi… More info



Calor Propane 3.9kg (Red)

Calor Propane 3.9kg (Red) [Product Id: 687]



High Pressure Gas Hose per m 8mm

High Pressure Gas Hose per m 8mm [Product Id: 464]

High pressure LPG gas hose with 8mm internal diameter, as used with gas BBQs and camping gas stoves. Can also be used fo… More info



Calor Butane 7kg (Blue)

Calor Butane 7kg (Blue) [Product Id: 131]



Butane Gas Canister 227g (4)

Butane Gas Canister 227g (4) [Product Id: 134]



Calor Patio Gas 13kg (Green)

Calor Patio Gas 13kg (Green) [Product Id: 3311]



Campingaz 907

Campingaz 907 [Product Id: 20]



Camping Gaz to Butane Gas Adaptor

Camping Gaz to Butane Gas Adaptor [Product Id: 414]

Adaptor which enables a butane pigtail hose or screw-on type butane regulator to be used on a Campingaz cylinder. This a… More info



Propane Regulator 1.5kg/hr

Propane Regulator 1.5kg/hr [Product Id: 690]

Gas regulator for use with all sizes of UK propane cylinders (excluding Patio Gas which requires a clip-on regulator). O… More info



Cartridge Gas Regulator

Cartridge Gas Regulator [Product Id: 2515]

Gas regulator to fit disposable canisters with standard gas thread (e.g. Coleman, Cadac, Sunnflair, Kampa, Highlander an… More info



Hose Clip 000

Hose Clip 000 [Product Id: 1461]

Manufactured to BS 5315 1991. More info



Calor Patio Gas 5kg (Green)

Calor Patio Gas 5kg (Green) [Product Id: 2019]



Calor Butane 4.5kg (Blue)

Calor Butane 4.5kg (Blue) [Product Id: 129]



Propane Regulator with Hand Wheel 1.5kg/hr

Propane Regulator with Hand Wheel 1.5kg/hr [Product Id: 2872]

Propane regulator with incorporated hand-wheel for easy tightening. More info



Gas Spanner

Gas Spanner [Product Id: 412]

Gas spanner for use with propane or butane (screw-on type) regulators or pigtails. So much easier than using an adjustab… More info



Propane Clip On Adaptor 27mm

Propane Clip On Adaptor 27mm [Product Id: 3324]

Clip-on adaptor to enable Propane cylinders with a 27mm outlet (e.g. BP Gas Light or Calor Patio Gas) to be used with a … More info



Butane Clip On Regulator 21mm

Butane Clip On Regulator 21mm [Product Id: 133]

EN12864 and BS3016 approved, this regulator will fit Calor Gas 7kg and 15kg cylinders and also other butane cylinders wi… More info



Quick Release Gas Coupling

Quick Release Gas Coupling [Product Id: 2032]

8mm x 8mm fulham nozzle hose connection. Complete gas coupling. Ideal when wishing to use the same regulator for differe… More info



Camping Gaz Regulator

Camping Gaz Regulator [Product Id: 146]

Regulator suitable for use with all sizes of Camping Gaz refillable cylinders (901, 904 or 907). More info



Butane Screw On Regulator

Butane Screw On Regulator [Product Id: 136]

Screw on type regulator for use with Calor 4.5kg butane gas cylinders. Can also be used on Campingaz cylinders by purcha… More info



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