At Caravan Accessory Shop we stock everything to make your caravan feel homely. We have a range of low wattage electrical appliances, melamine sets, kitchen gadgets, collapsible bins and rotary dryers.

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Quest Elegance Tumbler (Blue)

Quest Elegance Tumbler (Blue) [Product Id: 4028]

Low tumbler from Quest's Elegance range of high quality drinkware. Made from acrylic, they are tough, light and break re… More info



Double Cupboard Bars 25cm - 43cm

Double Cupboard Bars 25cm - 43cm [Product Id: 4150]

Camco Double Cupboard Bar set designed to lock in place inside your cupboards to help prevent items falling out whilst t… More info



Non-Slip Mat 30cm x 150cm

Non-Slip Mat 30cm x 150cm [Product Id: 1502]

A great way to keep shelves and/or cupboards clean and tidy. This non-slip mat is supplied on a roll, allowing you to cu… More info



Kampa Storage Drainer

Kampa Storage Drainer [Product Id: 4624]

This compact drainer has a dual purpose. It can be used to drain your freshly washed-up crockery; and, when not in use a… More info



Cutlery Tray 31x18x4.5cm (White)

Cutlery Tray 31x18x4.5cm (White) [Product Id: 4805]

4-compartment small cutlery tray, ideally suited to many caravan, motorhome or boat kitchen drawers. Dimensions: 31x18x4… More info



Kampa Eco Bin

Kampa Eco Bin [Product Id: 4787]

The Kampa Eco Bin is ideal for use in your caravan, motorhome or tent. Easy to assemble, this collapsible bin saves you … More info



Acrylic Tumbler 250ml (Clear)

Acrylic Tumbler 250ml (Clear) [Product Id: 1832]

From Quest's Everlasting range of drinkware, this tumbler was designed for the great outdoors. The tumbler not only look… More info



Folding Dish Drainer

Folding Dish Drainer [Product Id: 373]

This compact dish drainer is perfect for small kitchens, caravans and holiday homes. The drainer features two drying sec… More info



Peggy Clothes Dryer

Peggy Clothes Dryer [Product Id: 1066]

This handy airer will take care of all your underwear, tea towels, socks or baby clothes. Complete with hook to enable y… More info



Kampa Storage Drainer XL

Kampa Storage Drainer XL [Product Id: 7236]

XL version of Kampa's ever so popular storage drainer - the dish drainer with a lid. More info



Acrylic Hi Tumbler 440ml

Acrylic Hi Tumbler 440ml [Product Id: 2401]

From Quest's Everlasting range of drinkware, this hi tumbler is made from strong and durable acrylic. The hi tumbler not… More info



Plate and Pan Protector (6)

Plate and Pan Protector (6) [Product Id: 7845]

Pack of 6 protectors designed to be placed between plates, dishes, bowls, or cups to prevent scratching one another whil… More info



Freestanding Plate & Cup Rack

Freestanding Plate & Cup Rack [Product Id: 2175]

Plate and cup rack, ideal for inside caravan and motorhome cupboards. Will hold 5 mugs, up to 12 round dinner plates and… More info



Cutlery Set (Blue) (16)

Cutlery Set (Blue) (16) [Product Id: 3592]

Make a statement at your dinner table with this 16-piece stainless steel cutlery set. The cutlery is dishwasher safe and… More info



Oval Whistling Kettle 3ltr (Purple)

Oval Whistling Kettle 3ltr (Purple) [Product Id: 8152]

A high quality whistling kettle with a high gloss purple finish, soft touch handle and spout button. 3 litre capacity. S… More info



Pillar Door Bin

Pillar Door Bin [Product Id: 3576]

Sturdy plastic bin with lid (which closes tightly). Slim design, so is ideal for caravans and motorhomes, and can either… More info



Anti Slip Mug 30cl (Blue Ocean)

Anti Slip Mug 30cl (Blue Ocean) [Product Id: 4804]

Quality melamine mug with non-slip bottom and nautical design. More info



Kampa Heritage Melamine Mug Set (Blue) (4)

Kampa Heritage Melamine Mug Set (Blue) (4) [Product Id: 8637]

This 4-piece mug set, combines attractive colours and simple, yet eye-catching designs. These mugs, made of 100% melamin… More info



Serenade Melamine Set 16 piece

Serenade Melamine Set 16 piece [Product Id: 4100]

This classic swirl melamine set is perfect for bringing a touch of class to your caravan or motorhome. This set includes… More info



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