Interior Fittings

Interior Fittings
Replacement interior fittings for your caravan, motorhome or boat. We have a large range of catches, hinges, hooks and handles.

Interior Fittings Products

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Round Caravan Clock 72mm

Round Caravan Clock 72mm [Product Id: 2292]

This elegant caravan clock has Quartz movement and a clear roman numeral design. It has a white face and black digits, a… More info



Towel Rail

Towel Rail [Product Id: 935]

This towel rail from W4 is perfect for your caravan or motorhome washroom. The unit is supplied with space-saving slide … More info



Cupboard Door Stops (12)

Cupboard Door Stops (12) [Product Id: 4931]

This pack of cupboard door stops provide great little fixers to help prevent doors slamming. Each pack contains 12 soft,… More info



Rod for FAWO Door Handle 90mm

Rod for FAWO Door Handle 90mm [Product Id: 4912]

FAWO T-lock square inner rod. Square rod connects front to rear handle through lock. High quality interior metal rod. Id… More info



Suction Towel Rail (Chrome)

Suction Towel Rail (Chrome) [Product Id: 8618]

The chrome suction towel rail attaches to any smooth surface in seconds, it is a welcome solution to wall fixings.Ideal … More info



Zinc Diecast Angled Bracket

Zinc Diecast Angled Bracket [Product Id: 7021]

Angled bracket in diecast zinc for assembling caravan furniture. Fixes with two screws (not supplied). Hide fixings with… More info



Table Support Catch

Table Support Catch [Product Id: 2744]

This table support catch from W4 is a perfect accessory for your caravan or motorhome. The plastic support bracket fixes… More info



FAWO T-Lock Additional Catch

FAWO T-Lock Additional Catch [Product Id: 4911]

FAWO 3-point T-lock additional catch in matt silver, with rod aperture. More info



Turnbuckle Set (Cream)

Turnbuckle Set (Cream) [Product Id: 4902]

This plastic turnbuckle set includes a spacer and striker plate. It is used to secure door arrangements on a caravan or … More info



Double Cranked Hinge (Brass)

Double Cranked Hinge (Brass) [Product Id: 6636]

More info



Swish Nylonglyde Curtain Gliders (10)

Swish Nylonglyde Curtain Gliders (10) [Product Id: 3327]

Pack of 10 Nylonglyde gliders. More info



Adjustable Locker Stay (Beige) (1)

Adjustable Locker Stay (Beige) (1) [Product Id: 534]

This locker stay from PLS is the perfect accessory for your caravan or motorhome. It has been designed as a securing dev… More info



Double Roller Catch Steel

Double Roller Catch Steel [Product Id: 295]

This double roller catch is commonly used inside caravans, motorhomes and boats to secure cupboard, cabinet and internal… More info



Flap Support Bracket

Flap Support Bracket [Product Id: 350]

Plastic hinged bracket which swivels 180°. Ideal for supporting worktops etc. in your caravan or motorhome. Approx di… More info



Bailey Angled Bracket Cover (Apple Cherry)

Bailey Angled Bracket Cover (Apple Cherry) [Product Id: 6724]

Plastic bracket cover to conceal caravan furniture fixing. Bailey part number: 1470003. More info



Metal Turnbuckle

Metal Turnbuckle [Product Id: 2621]

This metal turnbuckle comes as a single pack with a hole centre of 35mm. Ideal for keeping cupboard doors closed whilst … More info



Suction Soap Dish (White)

Suction Soap Dish (White) [Product Id: 7227]

No screw holes are required to mount this soap dish with extra strong suction action. More info



Fawo T-Lock Handle Rosette (Silver)

Fawo T-Lock Handle Rosette (Silver) [Product Id: 8258]

Rossette, to be used in conjunction with two Fawo T-Lock Handles, a rod and a Fawo T-Lock lock. More info



Rod for FAWO T-Lock 3 Point Lock 790mm

Rod for FAWO T-Lock 3 Point Lock 790mm [Product Id: 8842]

FAWO T-Lock 790mm nickel Rod. For use with 3-point bathroom door lock, enabling an additional catch to open at the same … More info



Roller Catch (White)

Roller Catch (White) [Product Id: 735]

Small plastic roller catch, ideal for cupboard and other interior caravan, motorhome or boat doors. Also available in br… More info



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