Siting & Levelling

Siting & Levelling
We stock everything to make siting your caravan a lot easier. We have Fiamma levelling blocks, corner steady winders, levelling devices, stackapads and wheel chocks.

Siting & Levelling Products

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Milenco Stacka Jacka Blocks (4)

Milenco Stacka Jacka Blocks (4) [Product Id: 3704]

Milenco's heavy duty Stacka Jacka blocks are designed to lock into the bottom of the Milenco Stack Jack pads, providing … More info



Jockey Wheel Clamp 48mm

Jockey Wheel Clamp 48mm [Product Id: 201]

Jockey wheel clamp and handle to suit 48mm diameter jockey wheel stems - the most common size for caravans. More info



Spare Wheel for 48mm Jockey Assembly

Spare Wheel for 48mm Jockey Assembly [Product Id: 822]

Replacement wheel to fit any Jockey Assembly with a 48mm diameter stem. More info



Caravan Wheel Cover

Caravan Wheel Cover [Product Id: 2258]

Caravan tyres can be damaged by the effects of weather and ultra violet rays in sunlight. This wheel cover is designed t… More info



Milenco Jockey Pocket

Milenco Jockey Pocket [Product Id: 4350]

Jockey wheel receiver to prevent your jockey wheel from sinking in to soft ground. Can also be used in conjunction with … More info



AL-KO Jockey Wheel Clamp Handle

AL-KO Jockey Wheel Clamp Handle [Product Id: 8239]

Jockey wheel clamp handle for use with Al-ko Jockey wheels. Secures your jockey wheel at the desired height. The jocke… More info



Corner Steady Brace

Corner Steady Brace [Product Id: 227]

An easy to use winding handle for manually raising and lowering caravan corner steadies. Suits all corner steadies with … More info



HTD Corner Steady Winder for Drill 19mm (450mm long)

HTD Corner Steady Winder for Drill 19mm (450mm long) [Product Id: 8661]

HTD Corner Steady Winder for Drill 19mm (450mm long). Save your arms some work..... More info



Fiamma Standard Levelling Blocks (2)

Fiamma Standard Levelling Blocks (2) [Product Id: 527]

Keep your caravan perfectly levelled. These 'Level Pro' levelling blocks have a ridged surface to grip the vehicle's tir… More info



Kampa Lunar Stack Pads (4)

Kampa Lunar Stack Pads (4) [Product Id: 835]

These Lunar Stack Pads are designed to suit Kampa's Lunar Pads, interlocking to prevent any sinking into the ground. Als… More info



AL-KO Manoeuvring Handle

AL-KO Manoeuvring Handle [Product Id: 3464]

Simply attaches around the stem of any 48mm diameter jockey wheel to aid in manoeuvring your caravan or trailer. The AL-… More info



AL-KO Heavy Duty Jockey Wheel Assembly with Plastic Wheel

AL-KO Heavy Duty Jockey Wheel Assembly with Plastic Wheel [Product Id: 3465]

Heavy duty jockey wheel assembly with a static load capacity of 150kg (max.) and a dynamic load capacity of 90kg (max.).… More info



AL-KO Corner Steady 205817

AL-KO Corner Steady 205817 [Product Id: 6491]

This AL-KO Corner Steady provides an essential stable base for your caravan. The corner steady is hot-dip galvanised for… More info



Handle for Jockey Wheel Clamp

Handle for Jockey Wheel Clamp [Product Id: 456]

Replacement handle to fit a standard jockey wheel bracket. Please note: colour of head may vary. More info



Jockey Assembly 34mm

Jockey Assembly 34mm [Product Id: 506]

Lightweight caravan or trailer jockey wheel assembly. Clamp not included. More info



AL-KO Jockey Wheel Assembly 48mm

AL-KO Jockey Wheel Assembly 48mm [Product Id: 508]

AL-KO jockey wheel assembly with 48mm diameter stem and solid wheel. Jockey wheel clamp available separately.… More info



Target Spirit Level

Target Spirit Level [Product Id: 1244]

This circular target level has been designed to ensure your caravan or motorhome is pitched level on uneven ground. It g… More info



Budget Wheel Brace

Budget Wheel Brace [Product Id: 1635]

More info



Soft Wheel

Soft Wheel [Product Id: 1698]

Replacement wheel for the Soft Wheel 48mm Jockey Assembly. Please note: will only fit jockey wheels that have had this t… More info



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