Siting & Levelling

Siting & Levelling
We stock everything to make siting your caravan a lot easier. We have Fiamma levelling blocks, corner steady winders, levelling devices, stackapads and wheel chocks.

Siting & Levelling Products

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Fiamma Chocks for Level Up (2)

Fiamma Chocks for Level Up (2) [Product Id: 193]

Pack of two optional chocks for use with the following Fiamma levelling blocks: Level Up, Level Pro or Level System Magn… More info



Wheel Chocks (Blue) (2)

Wheel Chocks (Blue) (2) [Product Id: 6632]

Pair of robust wheel chocks in blue. A strong and sturdy wheel chock, essential for making wheel changes or hill parking… More info



Corner Steady Brace

Corner Steady Brace [Product Id: 227]

An easy to use winding handle for manually raising and lowering caravan corner steadies. Suits all corner steadies with … More info



Jockey Wheel Clamp 48mm

Jockey Wheel Clamp 48mm [Product Id: 201]

Jockey wheel clamp and handle to suit 48mm diameter jockey wheel stems - the most common size for caravans. More info



Handle for Jockey Wheel Clamp

Handle for Jockey Wheel Clamp [Product Id: 456]

Replacement handle to fit a standard jockey wheel bracket. Please note: colour of head may vary. More info



Wheel Chock (1)

Wheel Chock (1) [Product Id: 1018]

Wheel chocks are a vital safety device when parking up or changing a wheel. Best used in pairs: for chocking two wheels … More info



Wheel Grip Mat (2)

Wheel Grip Mat (2) [Product Id: 417]

These tough grips mats have ridges on both sides for maximum wheel-to-ground traction and can quickly get you out of a m… More info



Fiamma Level Up System (Grey)

Fiamma Level Up System (Grey) [Product Id: 526]

The 'Level Up' system is a multileveled system which offers support that guarantees greater capacity and stability when … More info



AL-KO Manoeuvring Handle

AL-KO Manoeuvring Handle [Product Id: 3464]

Simply attaches around the stem of any 48mm diameter jockey wheel to aid in manoeuvring your caravan or trailer. The AL-… More info



AL-KO Corner Steady 205817

AL-KO Corner Steady 205817 [Product Id: 6491]

This AL-KO Corner Steady provides an essential stable base for your caravan. The corner steady is hot-dip galvanised for… More info



Jockey Assembly 34mm

Jockey Assembly 34mm [Product Id: 506]

Lightweight caravan or trailer jockey wheel assembly. Clamp not included. More info



Target Spirit Level

Target Spirit Level [Product Id: 1244]

This circular target level from W4 has been designed to ensure your caravan or motorhome is pitched level on uneven grou… More info



Budget Wheel Brace

Budget Wheel Brace [Product Id: 1635]

More info



Soft Wheel Assembly 48mm

Soft Wheel Assembly 48mm [Product Id: 1697]

48mm jockey wheel assembly with 48mm diameter stem. More info



Soft Wheel

Soft Wheel [Product Id: 1698]

Replacement wheel for the Soft Wheel 48mm Jockey Assembly. Please note: will only fit jockey wheels that have had this t… More info



Milenco Aluminium Leveller

Milenco Aluminium Leveller [Product Id: 3093]

The Milenco Aluminium Leveller is the easiest way to level your caravan. Simply slide under the wheel and use the suppli… More info



Joining Plate for Milenco Levelling Blocks

Joining Plate for Milenco Levelling Blocks [Product Id: 3104]

The jointing plate can be used to join the Milenco Quattro or Triple levelling blocks together, enabling them to be used… More info



AL-KO Heavy Duty Jockey Wheel Assembly with Plastic Wheel

AL-KO Heavy Duty Jockey Wheel Assembly with Plastic Wheel [Product Id: 3465]

Heavy duty jockey wheel assembly with a static load capacity of 150kg (max.) and a dynamic load capacity of 90kg (max.).… More info



MGI T1 Levelling Blocks (2)

MGI T1 Levelling Blocks (2) [Product Id: 4921]

Pack of two levelling blocks. Width: 220mm Height: 110mm Length: 430mm. More info



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