Caravan Accessory Shop stock everything to enable you to use water in your caravan. We stock a huge range of caravan pumps, water hose, taps, water filters and sink and waste fittings.

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Water Products

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Waste Hose 20mm per m (Black)

Waste Hose 20mm per m (Black) [Product Id: 992]

Waste water hose with 20mm smooth internal diameter. Price per metre (i.e. purchase 6 and you will be sent one continuou… More info



Equal Tee 12mm

Equal Tee 12mm [Product Id: 1818]

Push-fit equal t-piece for 12mm pipework. More info



Shurflo Trail King 7L 20PSI

Shurflo Trail King 7L 20PSI [Product Id: 1410]

The Shurflo Trail King 7L is a self-priming automatic triple diaphragm pump with integral pressure switch to ensure smoo… More info



Truma Ultraflow Conversion Kit (Ivory)

Truma Ultraflow Conversion Kit (Ivory) [Product Id: 3120]

Everything you'll need to convert older Truma or Carver Crystal Mk1, Mk2 and Mk3 housings to the new style Ultraflow sys… More info



Adaptor 1/2" Female - 12mm

Adaptor 1/2" Female - 12mm [Product Id: 2306]

Plastic water fitting for connecting 1/2" BSP thread to 12mm semi-rigid water pipe. Please note: a 1/2" BSP thread has a… More info



Hose Socket with Flap 28mm

Hose Socket with Flap 28mm [Product Id: 484]

Waste water outlet socket with flap for 28.5mm convoluted hose. Designed to fit underneath the edge of a caravan. The re… More info



Whale Pressure Switch

Whale Pressure Switch [Product Id: 684]

A pressure switch senses changes in water system pressure (e.g. when a tap is opened/closed) and can be used to control … More info



Whale Surge Damper

Whale Surge Damper [Product Id: 1321]

Smooths water flow. Helps reduce noise and pulsations. Protects the pressure switch in pressurised systems. Designed to … More info



Straight Connector 28mm Push Fit

Straight Connector 28mm Push Fit [Product Id: 2993]

A straight connector used in piping systems to join 28mm push fit rigid pipe together. More info



Equal Straight 12mm

Equal Straight 12mm [Product Id: 1835]

12mm push-fit straight connector piece. For joining 12mm semi-rigid water pipe or connecting to a 12mm stem (as found on… More info



Truma Ultraflow Pump Assembly

Truma Ultraflow Pump Assembly [Product Id: 1483]

Complete submersible pump assembly for use with Truma Ultraflow housings. The water pump features an ergonomically shape… More info



Water Hose per m 1/2" (Blue)

Water Hose per m 1/2" (Blue) [Product Id: 1003]

Non-toxic, blue water hose. Price per metre. Therefore, if you would like a length of 5 continuous metres, order a quant… More info



Truma Ultraflow Filter

Truma Ultraflow Filter [Product Id: 1482]

New style filter for Truma Ultraflow caravan water systems. More info



Truma Roof Cowl

Truma Roof Cowl [Product Id: 3161]

Replacement Truma roof cowl. Screw thread measures approx. 58mm diameter. More info



Reich Trend B Tap (Chrome)

Reich Trend B Tap (Chrome) [Product Id: 4925]

This elegant and modern tap offers an excellent price to performance ratio. With a folded down height of 40mm, it is per… More info



Y Piece 28.5mm

Y Piece 28.5mm [Product Id: 1050]

Most caravan waste containers do not have a wide enough inlet to accept two 28.5mm waste hoses therefore, with this Y-pi… More info



Food Grade Hose Extension 7.5m

Food Grade Hose Extension 7.5m [Product Id: 4026]

7.5m of food grade quality water hose - ideal for use as an extension hose for mains water adaptor kits. Please note: ho… More info



Straight Reducer 15-12mm

Straight Reducer 15-12mm [Product Id: 4949]

This push fit connector from W4 has been designed for a leak-free finish when connecting semi-rigid water hose. A single… More info



Reinforced Water Hose per m 1/2" (Red)

Reinforced Water Hose per m 1/2" (Red) [Product Id: 727]

Flexible hot water pipe with reinforced interior. Non-toxic hose. Price per metre. Half inch internal diameter. More info



Aquaroll Filter

Aquaroll Filter [Product Id: 4855]

The Aquaroll Filter prevents the formation of biofilms in your entire water system at the source. All this is achieved w… More info



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