We have put together a range of gifts which any caravanner would be delighted to receive as a birthday or Christmas present! We have selected :
  • the best caravan gadgets, such as the Truma Gas Level Checker
  • the most-wanted caravan items of the year, such as the Kampa Pro or Westfield Performance deluxe windbreak
  • winter products - such as our hats, gloves, ice scrapers and sledges
  • a selection of affordable, and extremely useful, gifts - including our large range of socks, torches and tools

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Two-Way Spirit Level

Two-Way Spirit Level [Product Id: 528]

This two-way spirit level aids the level parking of a caravan, trailer or motorhome. Suitable for internal or external u… More info



Double Inflatable Chair

Double Inflatable Chair [Product Id: 3631]

Deluxe inflatable chair for two people - ideal for use inside a tent or awning. Made from strong, durable PVC with a sof… More info



Kampa Lunar Jack Pads (4)

Kampa Lunar Jack Pads (4) [Product Id: 503]

Kampa's Lunar Pads are used to prevent your caravan corner steadies from sinking in to soft ground. They can also be use… More info



Corner Steady Winder for Drill 19mm

Corner Steady Winder for Drill 19mm [Product Id: 229]

Use your cordless drill to effortlessly raise and lower your caravan corner steadies using this extension piece. Suitabl… More info



Gas Level Indicator

Gas Level Indicator [Product Id: 402]

Magnetically attaches to your gas bottle (any size propane, butane or a mixture of the gases bottle). Shows the level of… More info



12V Kettle

12V Kettle [Product Id: 1479]

Travel kettle, fitted with 12 volt cigar lighter plug. Boil water inside your vehicle using your cigarette lighter socke… More info



Polyresin Bird Box (1930s Vintage Caravan)

Polyresin Bird Box (1930s Vintage Caravan) [Product Id: 8380]

Birdhouse in the shape of a 1930s vintage caravan - the ideal birthday or Christmas gift for the caravanner that already… More info



Table Clip with Cup Holder (Various Colours)

Table Clip with Cup Holder (Various Colours) [Product Id: 3659]

Brightly coloured clips that clip on to (almost) any table, providing a convenient place to put your glass. Ideal for us… More info



Happy Bowl Toilet Liners (50)

Happy Bowl Toilet Liners (50) [Product Id: 3269]

These biodegradable toilet liners are guaranteed to keep your caravan, motorhome or RV's toilet bowl sparkling clean and… More info



Dometic Seitz Acrylic Glass Cleaning Set

Dometic Seitz Acrylic Glass Cleaning Set [Product Id: 3381]

This cleaning kit from Dometic is specifically designed for cleaning Seitz acrylic windows on caravans and motorhomes. K… More info



Fenwicks Windowize Scratch Remover 100ml

Fenwicks Windowize Scratch Remover 100ml [Product Id: 1039]

Fenwick's Windowize is for use on acrylic and plastic windows. When applied by hand it will remove scuff marks caused by… More info



Shower Friend

Shower Friend [Product Id: 3380]

The Shower Friend is a clever gadget which means no more "pushing that button" when taking a shower at the swimming bath… More info



Aladdin Aveo Vacuum Flask 0.47L (White)

Aladdin Aveo Vacuum Flask 0.47L (White) [Product Id: 2273]

Extra special offer while stocks last of this excellent quality, stylish vacuum flask from Aladdin. Keeps drinks hot for… More info



Caravan Welcome Door Mat 36cm x 50cm

Caravan Welcome Door Mat 36cm x 50cm [Product Id: 5916]

A welcome mat that's sure to bring a smile every time you brush your feet. Tough and durable, this caravan door mat has … More info



The Executioner - Electronic Fly Zapping Racket

The Executioner - Electronic Fly Zapping Racket [Product Id: 335]

The Executioner is the electronic fly zapping racket that really works - it is designed by UK fly-zapping experts to kil… More info



Plastic Peg Tub

Plastic Peg Tub [Product Id: 4674]

This Plastic Peg Tub from Kampa contains 20 x yellow pegs (22.5 cm) and 10 x groundsheet pegs (9 cm). The yellow pegs ar… More info



Tent Peg Extractor Deluxe

Tent Peg Extractor Deluxe [Product Id: 637]

This tent peg extractor from W4 is the perfect solution for all your camping needs. The strong sprung steel construction… More info



Plate and Pan Protector (6)

Plate and Pan Protector (6) [Product Id: 7845]

Pack of 6 protectors designed to be placed between plates, dishes, bowls, or cups to prevent scratching one another whil… More info



Hand Warmers (2)

Hand Warmers (2) [Product Id: 2756]

Shake and heat, air activated, hand and glove warmers. More info



Thinsulate Gloves (Mens)

Thinsulate Gloves (Mens) [Product Id: 2797]

Knitted glove with 40 gram thinsulate lining. For use in cool conditions or for those who generate a lot of heat through… More info



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