We have put together a range of gifts which any caravanner would be delighted to receive as a birthday or Christmas present! We have selected :
  • the best caravan gadgets, such as the Truma Gas Level Checker
  • the most-wanted caravan items of the year, such as the Kampa Pro or Westfield Performance deluxe windbreak
  • winter products - such as our hats, gloves, ice scrapers and sledges
  • a selection of affordable, and extremely useful, gifts - including our large range of socks, torches and tools

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Fenwicks Windowize Scratch Remover 100ml

Fenwicks Windowize Scratch Remover 100ml [Product Id: 1039]

Fenwick's Windowize is for use on acrylic and plastic windows. When applied by hand it will remove scuff marks caused by… More info



Bike Cover

Bike Cover [Product Id: 3602]

This heavy duty bike cover from Kampa is designed to protect your bike from dust, damp and dirt while it's not in use, k… More info



Aladdin Aveo Vacuum Flask 0.47L (White)

Aladdin Aveo Vacuum Flask 0.47L (White) [Product Id: 2273]

Extra special offer while stocks last of this excellent quality, stylish vacuum flask from Aladdin. Keeps drinks hot for… More info



Cadac Non-Stick Skottel Liner

Cadac Non-Stick Skottel Liner [Product Id: 5514]

The Cadac Non-Stick Skottel Liner works without the use of cooking fats and oils. So food can be cooked perfectly and he… More info



Folding Camping Toaster (4 Slice)

Folding Camping Toaster (4 Slice) [Product Id: 378]

A handy camping gadget that really works! Features a 22cm diameter steel plate with four folding wire strut supports to … More info



Milenco Jockey Pocket

Milenco Jockey Pocket [Product Id: 4350]

Jockey wheel receiver to prevent your jockey wheel from sinking in to soft ground. Can also be used in conjunction with … More info



Plate and Pan Protector (6)

Plate and Pan Protector (6) [Product Id: 7845]

Pack of 6 protectors designed to be placed between plates, dishes, bowls, or cups to prevent scratching one another whil… More info



Hand Warmers (2)

Hand Warmers (2) [Product Id: 2756]

Shake and heat, air activated, hand and glove warmers. More info



Kampa Signal COB LED Head Torch

Kampa Signal COB LED Head Torch [Product Id: 7148]

Super bright head torch which uses the latest COB (Chip on board) technology. COB LEDs emit a much brighter and wider li… More info



Gas Level Indicator

Gas Level Indicator [Product Id: 402]

Magnetically attaches to your gas bottle (any size propane, butane or a mixture of the gases bottle). Shows the level of… More info



Thinsulate Gloves (Mens)

Thinsulate Gloves (Mens) [Product Id: 2797]

Knitted glove with 40 gram thinsulate lining. For use in cool conditions or for those who generate a lot of heat through… More info



Caravan Welcome Door Mat 36cm x 50cm

Caravan Welcome Door Mat 36cm x 50cm [Product Id: 5916]

A welcome mat that's sure to bring a smile every time you brush your feet. Tough and durable, this caravan door mat has … More info



Security Hitch Ball

Security Hitch Ball [Product Id: 3103]

The Safety Ball fits inside towing coupling mechanisms. Enhances security when used in conjunction with a locking device… More info



Solid Fuel Hand Warmer

Solid Fuel Hand Warmer [Product Id: 3231]

A traditional style hand warmer that is heated by solid duel sticks. Generates heat for up to 6 hours and comes complete… More info



1W LED Work Light

1W LED Work Light [Product Id: 8407]

More info



Nikwax Tech Wash Sachet 100ml

Nikwax Tech Wash Sachet 100ml [Product Id: 2196]

Tech Wash is a wash-in cleaner for waterproof clothing and equipment. Safely revitalises breathability and water-repelle… More info



Solid Fuel Hand Warmer Refills (12)

Solid Fuel Hand Warmer Refills (12) [Product Id: 3233]

Pack of 12 solid fuel sticks for use with our hand warmers. More info



Emergency Poncho

Emergency Poncho [Product Id: 1337]

The emergency poncho is an essential accessory when camping in England! One size fits all. Supplied in various colours (… More info



Tent Peg Extractor Deluxe

Tent Peg Extractor Deluxe [Product Id: 637]

This tent peg extractor from W4 is the perfect solution for all your camping needs. The strong sprung steel construction… More info



Caravan Cover 19' - 21' (Green)

Caravan Cover 19' - 21' (Green) [Product Id: 1084]

Keep your caravan clean and mildew-free this winter with Kampa's Prestige caravan cover. This superior cover protects ag… More info



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