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Gas Bottles

Gas Bottles
We stock a full range of Calor Gas and Camping Gaz cylinders. They are only available to collect in store.

Gas Bottles Products

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Calor Propane 19kg (Red)

Calor Propane 19kg (Red) [Product Id: 2902]



Calor Butane 15kg (Blue)

Calor Butane 15kg (Blue) [Product Id: 130]



Calor Butane 7kg (Blue)

Calor Butane 7kg (Blue) [Product Id: 131]



Calor Propane 13kg (Red)

Calor Propane 13kg (Red) [Product Id: 686]



Gas Level Indicator

Gas Level Indicator [Product Id: 402]

Magnetically attaches to your gas bottle (any size propane, butane or a mixture of the gases bottle). Shows the level of… More info



Calor Patio Gas 13kg (Green)

Calor Patio Gas 13kg (Green) [Product Id: 3311]



Calor Patio Gas 5kg (Green)

Calor Patio Gas 5kg (Green) [Product Id: 2019]



Calor Butane 12kg (Blue)

Calor Butane 12kg (Blue) [Product Id: 8002]



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